Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Hello again folks! I like to think that I'm an analytical type of person [some have called me 'deep' and some others 'deeply dippy'!] so when I read this article from BBC News; the alarm bells started to ring:-

We are being told by most news sources that the Israel-Hizbollah prisoner swap is going ahead today and that Germany is being courted as the progenitor of this 'deal'. The deal involves Hizbollah returning the remains of the two [2] captured Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser [this incident started the 'Second Lebanon War' in 2006] plus the body parts of Israeli soldiers killed in that conflict in 2006 in southern Lebanon by Hizbollah [not Lebanon] and the return by Israel vice-versa of the bodies of 200 Lebanese and Palestinian fighters plus a number of high-risk Hizbollah prisoners.

This seems a transaction highly weighted in favour of Hizbollah. And for that reason the Lebanese are enjoying a day of celebrations to confirm their 'victory' over Israel while the Israelis [once again] appear to be happy with the deal. Their populace certainly is not. This deal will not placate the enemies of Israel .. it will encourage them just as the withdrawal from Gaza did et al. If you take into account all the 'land for peace' deals that have been adhered to by Israel in the last , say 20 years, and not by the 'palestinians'; then no wonder the enemies of Israel are partying on down. Why does Israel keep selling itself short? There's more to this than meets the eye folks!

And what was the true role of Germany in these 'delicate' negotiations? How prominent was Angela Merkel? Was Nicolas Sarkozy involved as this event follows hard on the EU-Mediterranean Bloc launch last Sunday and the re-opening of the mutual embassies of Lebanon and Syria? Knowing that the EU is a joint Franco-German 'project' in essence; what kind of pressure was brought to bear on particularly [and as usual] Israel? These are all interesting questions.

Events are moving fast in the middle east while the world's eyes are distracted by the [human caused] global warning con; the 'credit crunch'; Madonna's marriage problems and rising oil costs amongst many other 'news items'.

Everything is falling in place. There's not a lot of truth around and an awful lot of lies and falsehoods being published to mislead and control whole populations; me thinks. Time to read the signs of the times ... and there are a lot of them.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 16-July-2008

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