Friday, 18 July 2008


Hello again folks! I picked up a copy of the 'Daily Express' today because, of all the 'tabloid' headlines that I could see, this one stood out.

Amongst all the angst of rising gas prices; the SAT exam marking fiasco; stock market turmoil; Madonna's marriage; Ronaldinho's impending transfer and other 'scoops'; this headline grabbed my attention: SOLD OUT TO EUROPE

Yes folks it's true. In an amazingly secretively and deceptive operation; it has been revealed that the Queen had already added Royal Assent to the document [she was obliged to as a result of her adherence to our constitution]. The 'Instruments of Ratification'; duly signed by the Queen; were formally delivered to the Italian Foreign Ministry in Rome on Wednesday 16-July-2008. There begins the end of the independent and sovereign state of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We have gone from that embarrassing episode where Gordon Brown signed the treaty on his own to giving away our country in a cloak and dagger exercise.

If and when the right disaster/event occurs [whether terrorist; financial; natural; political et al]; the EU 'Beast' will be legally able to ride rough-shod over our green and pleasant land.

It's not a question of 'if' but 'when'. Probably after a second Irish referendum gives the EU elite the result that they want [they will NOT listen to the democratic voice of the Dutch; French; Irish or British people]. Who knows. What I do know is this.

To those of you who had the postcards; filled them in and sent them to Buckingham Palace urging the Queen to not give her assent to the 'Lisbon Treaty' [a.k.a. the EU Constitution] ... I say thankyou ... your conscience is clear ... you did something ... you exercised your [present] freedom for the sake of your country.

It would be a good idea to make your feelings known to your MP and MEP. And remember that the 2009 European elections are coming up ... make it the referendum you have been denied; and register your opinion on this government and the EU ... because pretty soon you won't be allowed to do just that. The signs of the times are right before your eyes.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 18-July-2008

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