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Hello again folks! Just received the July 2008; Issue #75 Of UKIP's magazine "Independence" and front cover is this headline: "HERE COME THE EUROCOPS". This is noteworthy in light of what the Bible says about the revived Roman EU 'Beast' empire; so here is the article [without photographs] and acknowledging the author; © 2008 Torquil Dick-Erikson [UKIP].

"The 'nightmare' is becoming a reality; Is this the future for policing in Britain?

UKIP member Torquil Dick-Erikson has made a special study of the European Gendarmerie Force and delivers a stark warning on this dangerous development

These are the photographs we in the United Kingdom are not meant to see - armed continental European policemen in training. You will probably never have heard of this force. However, the pictures are there for all to see on the European Gendarmerie Force's own official website;

The existence of this force has been pooh-poohed by Europhile commentators in Britain, dismissed as a 'Europhobe's scaremongering nightmare'. Well, it may be a nightmare, but we didn't dream it up, they did. Its existence is a fact, documented from EU sources. But in Britain there has been a news black-out about it.

So far, to my knowledge, the only mention of it in the UK mass media was a full-page article by Jason Groves in the Sunday Express on 9th September 2007, and a passing mention in the Daily Telegraph by Philip Johnston on 11th February this year, with a letter the following day from me which gave a little more information.

Yet it was the subject of several columns during the Lisbon debate in the Lords [Hansard, col.s 1103-1110, 14th May 2008].

The Eurogendarmes are training, for the moment, only in barracks in Vicenza, Italy. But since it is called 'European', and since there is now the Treaty of Velsen giving it a legal basis under clear EU auspices, it is most unlikely to remain forever in north-east Italy.

We in Britain must understand that the countries of continental Europe not only have a tradition of criminal justice that is completely different from ours [no habeas corpus, no trial by independent jury, etc. already discussed at length elsewhere]. They also have a totally different tradition of policing.

They say quite openly that their police forces draw on a common 'military root', and the EU gendarmerie displays this proudly in its emblem, with a flaming grenade.

To us British, this is a bizarre concept.

Look at the second of these photographs on Page 11. These 'policemen' appear more like soldiers to us. Note their steel helmets, and their heavy automatic rifles, carried here by the Spanish Guardia 'Civil', that is, by what they are pleased to call a 'civilian' police force.

The police in continental Europe are militarised and carry lethal weapons at all times.

Our police are a civilian force and regularly unarmed.

Continental police forces are organised like an army in each country, with officers called 'colonel' and 'general', and commanded centrally by national governments. Individual policemen are shifted around the country, so each city will be patrolled by strangers. In contrast, our police are, by tradition, locally recruited and locally accountable.

Our police are a body of self-propelling law-enforcers, whose job is to prevent crime and investigate crime and collect evidence so as to be able to prosecute criminals. If they had a symbol it would be a magnifying glass and a Sherlock Holmes hat, not a flaming grenade!

In the photograph on these two pages we can see the Eurogendarmerie practising their street-fighting tactics in battle formation. They are drilling in a country area, but imagine them in an urban setting.

Notice the two nationalities of policemen. Those on the right are Italian Carabinieri [is written across their shields], who, in Italy, are military police under a centralised national command and, although indeed they are military police and as such are part of the Italian army, they are used as a 'civilian' police force and stationed in every borough and hamlet all over the country, tasked to keep public order on the civilian population.

Those on the left are from one of the other four EU member states - France, Spain, Holland and Portugal - that so far have decided to participate in this force. They are still wearing their national uniforms, since a single 'harmonised' EU gendarme uniform has not - yet - been issued, but they do have the EGF armbands with the logo which they wear all over their national uniforms.

They are standing here in locked-shield formation, just like ancient Roman legionnaires, to protect themselves from stones or other objects that might be thrown at them. The little patch of flames in front of them is presumably a Molotov cocktail which in their simulation some 'subversive' [possibly 'anti-European'!] demonstrator has thrown at them. They are being trained to deal with this sort of thing in reality. From this formation they can fire tear-gas grenades over the heads of, or straight into, a crowd to disperse it [note that they are wearing gas-masks so as not to breathe in the gas themselves], or indeed rubber, or more usually lead bullets, with lethal effect.

Random deaths from police gunfire have occurred during recent years in Italy and even Sweden during G8 and other protests. And when ordered these 'police' will charge forward, swinging their batons, and anybody who is in their path is likely to get pretty seriously injured.

Continental police forces are not overly familiar with our concept of 'policing by consent'. The fact of having different nationalities drilling side by side is clearly part of a plan to harmonise the different national forces so as to create a unified European police force. I suspect that the ultimate model for this 'harmonised' and amalgamated multinational force could be the French Foreign Legion, a long-standing model of a military force of this kind.

Take a good look at the picture on page 11, taken at close quarters. Please note - these are not soldiers, they are European riot-control policemen. They are actually members of the Spanish Guardia Civil, as you can see from the flashes on their left shoulders, and it is written on the flak jacket of the man standing on the left of the picture. If you look at their right upper arms you will just glimpse the royal-blue armband of the European Gendarmerie Force, which has as its emblem a circle of little yellow stars, and in the middle - and I quote from their own website - a 'sword and a flaming grenade, symbolising the common military root of European police' [this logo and the armband are fully explained ontheir website]. In a later version the circle of stars was removed, presumably so as to make it less obvious that what we are looking at is the Brussels Heavy Squad.

Continental police are under military command and their primary task is to uphold the authority of the state. When they are used to investigate crimes they are often under the direct command of the career judiciary, who has the responsibility but no training in detective work.

We can see from the conduct of the Portuguese police in the McCann case that their methods are very, very different from ours.

Upholding the authority of the state means primarily putting down manifestations of civil unrest, dealing with crowds of protestors. The Gendarmerie is that section of each police force specialised precisely in this activity of crowd control or crowd dispersal.

Of course the big question is 'Will they ever be able to deploy these fellows in Britain?' And this is where all British Europhiles, and even many Eurosceptics go straight into denial.

So fay the EU could not deploy them here because justice and home affairs are still a member stats preroggative - what is called a 'third pillar competence'. If the EU tries to legislate on the matter, each member can wield a veto. But this will cahnge when Lisbon is ratified.

In fact, under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty justice and home affairs will become EU competences, like practically everything else. The 'pillar' structure will go.

And let us not forget that justice and home affairs is the heart of state power, for it includes the power to use physical force on the citizens, to put people into prison. When the EU takes this power, it ceases to be an association of sovereign states, it finally becomes a state in its own right, with powers to repress directly behaviour it deems undesirable by citizens of any member state.

We know that the government says it has obtained 'red lines' to safeguard our national autonomy in criminal justice. But several of our EU partners, and our own parliamentary committees, have said they will not be worth mich. They will be subject to the interpretation of the European Court of Justice. And even in the best of circumstances an opt-out can very easily be turned into an opt-in by a government decision, with no need to go through a parliamentary debate and vote. Parliament hands its power to the government, which will hand it over to Brussels. Once that has happened there can be no going back.

Article 6.3 of the Treaty of Velsen allows the EU gendarmerie to be deployed in another state with the simple 'consent' of the State. Bob Spink, now UKIP's MP, and Lord Pearson, one of UKIP's two peers, asked ministers for an assurance that this consent will never be given. No such assurance was forthcoming.

The presence of the Euro Gendarmerie on our shores will be what makes the whole EU process physically irreversible. It will not be enough for our Parliament, at that point, to pass an Act repealing the ECA72 and then to simply tell them to go. They will not be subject to our Parliament or to our Queen. They will be subject only to Brussels, and will obey only decisions taken there by majority voting, where we will have only 8% of the vote. It may require physical force to eject them. The country must be warned."

It's a long article folks but it is very concise and informative. Have you wondered just how the antichrist will get to be so all-powerful over his subjects? The above piece gives us a clue. It's also probably the model for the forthcoming NAFTA/North American Union; African Union; Asian Union; South American Union et al. Be alert; be aware and use your God-given [present] liberty with wisdom.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 09-July-2008

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