Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hello again folks! So Gordon Brown has now decided to give away £30 million of British taxpayers money to the 'palestinian' authority right in the middle of the 'credit crunch'; the [peak] oil crisis; the growing food/water crisis; inflating inflation and hot on the heels of Alistair Darling telling all government departments that there's no more money in the kitty and on the back of the cloak and dagger ratification of the 'Lisbon Treaty' last week.

That he has done this and lined up the UK alongside the enemies of God ... the enemies of Israel is inviting more of God's judgement on this unravelling country that has not only forsaken His people Israel; but replaced our Judeo-Christian heritage with just about anything else.

But why? Why is Gordon Brown making one bad decision after another? Is it [a] of his own free will or [b] is he following instruction from his NWO masters in the '1,000 points of light'.

Only God knows. But in my own personal opinion, he and Tony Blair are two of the worst leaders this country has ever had.

Nevertheless; the Bible commands us to [a] pray for those in authority; [b] pray for our enemies and [c] pray for the souls of the lost or unsaved. Gordon Brown is likely to be at least two out of those three. So we need to pray for him and for this country he 'leads' as it lines up on the wrong team as we approach the Tribulation.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 20-July-2008

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