Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Hello again folks! As I watch Hizbollah terrorists including a child murderer getting a full Lebanese state and military salute upon their return home and I look at, on one hand the grace shown by the father of one of the murdered soldiers back in Israel, and on the other hand, the national sense of outrage of the general populace; one or two things come to mind.

First of all; how can anyone claim that islam and Christianity [and by extension Judaism] share the same God?

Secondly; were these Hizbollah terrorists fighting for Lebanon; Hizbollah or islam? If they were fighting for the first two parties; Israel is in big trouble because their inability to win the 2006 war is being rubbed in their faces and encouraging their enemies to take more risks to gain more ground .. knowing that the EU [Germany in this case] or the US or the international community will always temper Israel's right of legal response.

If they were fighting as part of their islamic duty 'jihad' then this drama reveals not only the true heart of the supposed 'religion of peace' but also of the Lebanese government. Neither of all three reasons are in Israel's favour. The face enemies to the immediate north [Lebanon]; west [Syria; Jordan] and south [Egypt; Gazastan] as well as the so-called 'west bank' [correctly called Judea/Samaria].

The only crumb of comfort is to look at it this way: the Israeli government views the worth of two Jewish soldiers fallen bodies as worth; pound for pound; more than the living bodies of 200 living islamic terrorists.

Psalm 83 is being played out before your eyes folks and the signs of the times are yelling at you to get alongside God's people and God's land [Israel] now and pray for not only the peace of Jerusalem but for the salvation available to them in Messiah Yeshua to reach them via the local [Messianic] believers.

And support those ministries that seek to reach both Jews and muslims and the lost in general; not those who fleece the True Church of the funds desperately needed for True evangelism with their false 'prosperity'; 'seeker sensitive'; 'purpose driven' gospel [or market-driven pop psychology] for their own Lear jets; $5M mansions; Rolls Royce's and TV 'ministries'.

This is the real cutting edge. There is no grey area with God.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 16-July-2008

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