Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Hello again folks! Another day; another terrorist attack in Jerusalem ... another attack using a bulldozer ... another attack by a 'palestinian' trying to murder innocent Israelis [some may not have even been Jewish] ... another attack by the Hizbollah-sponsored 'Galilee Liberation Brigades' ... an attack by a relative of Abu Tir, the Hamas lawmaker held in an Israeli jail.


Those 'experts' who said that the first attack on 02-July-08 was not an islamic terrorist attack are wrong. That time 3 people were murdered; this time at least 29 people have been injured.

It is interesting that the attack was located near the King David Hotel where Gordon Brown stayed earlier this week; near where Barack Obama is staying; and on the same day that Mahmoud Abbas was visiting Israeli President Shimon Peres [with full diplomatic honours] at his Beit Hanasi 'official' residence]. There is no such thing as coincidence; especially where middle eastern terrorism and Israeli politics collide.

This attack may have been a message from the 'fifth column' of arab Israeli citizens [by the Hamas terrorist infrastructure of Gaza and the 'west bank'] aimed at the UK; US and even Fatah; let alone the normal Israeli populace. No wonder the Israeli man and woman on the street is getting ever more suspicious of their fellow 'citizens' from East Jerusalem.

At the same time we read that Hamas now has weapons capable of hitting Kiryat Gat [21km north-east of Gaza] and possibly the big Mediterranean port town of Ashdod [23km to the north of Gaza]. This now has a personal because I have family in Ashdod and visited there back in May. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and our Jewish friends.

As my good friend and brother Bob Mitchell is saying; things are coming to a head on many levels in Israel ... ready for the appearance of a man who can conquer by flattery and 'peace'; who will appear to have all the answers - not only in Israel - but for the ills of the world in general too. We must be watchful; prayerful; obedient; alert and ready to publish the True Gospel ... while we still can and while it is not termed as 'hate speech' or 'Christian fundamentalism'.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 22-July-2008

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