Monday, 14 July 2008


Hello again folks! I watched an interview on BBC News this morning with one Reverend Gene Robinson.

And I watched the footage of the 'protest' or 'heckling' at his attempted preach yesterday.

Mr. Robinson comes over in the interview as a very intelligent; caring; articulate and sincere person. But he is [according to the Word] sincerely wrong about Christian doctrine ascertaining to 'homosexuality'. So here we have one person who is wrong on doctrine but who has a measure of grace for his opponents and we have a 'heckler'; doubtless a Bible-believing man and fully convinced in his own mind [and correctly in my opinion] that he was standing up for the Word of God; who was right on doctrine but a little off on conduct. There is a time and a place. God is God of order and He does indeed hate [all] sin and wants all sinners to come to repentance.

One thing comes to mind when one looks at all this drama. It is that, on TV and the internet, to the British audience [and beyond] this is a another nail in the coffin of the Church of England and by extension 'state religion'. It appears inept; indecisive and distinctly 'out of date'. Both adherent and detractor are cast in the same mould. It is more ammunition for the coming persecution against the True Church that consists of True believers held together in 'agape' love by the Word and Spirit together in tandem.

Long after the CoE caves in to this latest 'controversy' [as it did with accepting the ordination of women bishops last week after another long 'battle'] and compromises the truth; it would have shown itself to be a white elephant anyway.

You can only serve God and mammon. Jesus came [amongst other things] to do away with state religion and bring about a revolution: to introduce the new concept of personal; relational salvation and to show that religious practice and membership of a religious establishment as a physical duty alone will only ever count as the 'filthy rags' [Isaiah 64:6] of fallen man's works. Particularly state religion where leaders are chosen by temporal authorities [fallen man] and where it bends over backward to accommodate the world rather than be salt and light.

Religious Babylon and political Babylon are coming together nicely for the coming Tribulation. Get ready; the ride on the Salvation Shuttle may get rough but you can trust the Driver implicitly. And don't bother with or be tempted to use the local transport.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 14-July-2008

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