Sunday, 13 July 2008


Hello again folks! While it is good that the pope feels he needs to apologize for the sexual abuse of boys and girls by roman catholic priests and nuns [paedophilia]; one cannot help but wonder whether this has an ulterior motive. In trying to re-unite with their "separated brethren" it seems a re-branding is being attempted despite the vote of the CoE to ordain women bishops and the Follieri 'scandal' in NYC and other 'distractions' or set-backs:

The Bible says that there is a sorrow that leads to repentance and life and a sorrow that leads to death. If sorrow does lead to repentance; that's all well and good. If not; then it's not the real deal. But the pope is infallible in certain RCC doctrines; and some RCC doctrines themselves are irreversible so any 'apology' is limited in scope and meaning.

Now, if the pope would truly apologize for the murder of those brave souls who were burned at the stake for challenging the dogma [and pride] of earlier popes ... that would really be a start. As for us 'separated brethren'; even after Vatican II; we are still 'anathema'. Why be 'sorry' or 'regretful' for one thing [if indeed you are genuine] when you are silent on so many others?

So, for the pope, the Vatican and the RCC, sorry still seems to be the hardest word.

Like I said before, the Vatican leopard has not lost its spots; it's just camouflaged them [for now].

Roman Catholics need Messiah Yeshua as Saviour [not the pope; mass; Mary; the Queen of heaven; purgatory et al] just as much as any other cultist or follower of any other 'faith'.

Please pray for those who seek to reach roman catholics for the Real Christ today.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 13-July-2008

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