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Hello again folks! Regular readers of this blog will be in no way surprised by the events transpiring today in Paris; dual power seat with Berlin of the EU [Brussels and Strasbourg are where the EU parliament meets]. Reference this blog from 18-June-08 "EU Watch: Dates for your Diary":

Just over a month on from the Irish rejection of the EU treaty [Praise God] and the slight delay in handing over the 'Instruments of Ratification' over to Rome [itself prophetic]; we have Nicolas Sarkozy meeting with the representatives of 43 Mediterranean bordering countries and EU states. We also have, on BBC News, statements that relations between Israel and the 'palestinians' are at their best for some time and that there is a wind of optimism blowing through the middle east. We also have the mutual embassies of Lebanon and Syria re-opening. Amongst other things of course. Like the IAF 'practising' in Iraqi airspace. Like Iran test launching more Shihab-3 missiles [even interrupting their TV schedule to show pictures of it]. Like Iranian and US 'officials' meeting to try and put a limit on the rapidly escalating oil price [$147 per barrel currently]. Like the ongoing training and plans for the blossoming EU Gendarmerie [police] Force or EGF.

Monsieur Sarkozy says that the aim to to make peace and love in the middle east instead of war. A noble ideal. But given the times in which we are living; the oil crisis; the food crisis; the fall of the dollar; the credit crunch; the global warming/global governance shoehorn; the soon-coming water crisis; the islamic advance; Christian apostacy and so forth. With all these economic and geopolitical [but not scientific] issues ... all of a sudden hope springs eternal.

All with one French president taking his turn at the EU helm. Promoting his idea of a "new improved" EU union including the old Roman empire satellite states [and not necessarily with the agreement of some fellow EU states]. A French president with Jewish roots; links with the movement to rebuild the 3rd Temple [visit my friend Bob Mitchell's blog for more detail]; and friends in the middle east [including notably Syria]. With a seemingly honest desire for a lasting peace in or around Israel. Seems too good to be true doesn't it?

To the unsaved, fallen world this man could be a catalyst; a new generation politician; if he can sort out the middle east problem [Israel] then maybe he can sort out the oil crisis; the credit crunch and everything else ... maybe he could be world president ... anything for a hopeful; peaceful future for our children and grandchildren. Can you see the logic friends? That this kind or type of person is he who will turn out to be THE antichrist; the ulimate opponent of the Lord Jesus Christ and the True Gospel.

Some of my friends have suggested if the antichrist knows that he is the antichrist from the beginning or that he 'comes into' the role. We know that satan will possess him so there will be a botched or fake assassination &/or resurrection. Wasn't there such an event the other week? A precursor? Who knows. But God knows and we are implored to, in these last days, to stay in the Word and close to the Lord.

Another friend of mine has suggested that the Hebrew word for 'prince' in Daniel 9:26 can be translated better as 'president'. Interesting stuff. And will a peace deal be signed specifically for seven [7] times 360 day years when most of the world uses the Gregorian calendar? Will it turn out [as Bob has suggested] that prophecy is fulfilled retrospectively? Who would sign a peace treaty with a time limit anyway? "Let's stop fighting for seven years and then carry on again later!". All valid questions.

One thing is for sure; the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in now accelerating just as it did at the Lord's first advent. Events, I believe, will transpire quickly ... rapidly so that people will 'catch the wave' and be deceived. So we need to take note of current events in light of what the Bible says; not the other way around.

Having said that; what a time indeed to be alive! It's no coincidence that you are reading this and that you are living in these particular days. God has placed you in this time frame for His purposes; not ours. And He has given us intelligence; He will give us wisdom [if we ask with the right motive] and we will need that Wisdom, the Bible says, to understand what the number '666' really entails. Watch the news folks; test ALL things; seek the Lord; and in all things do not lean on your own understanding.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 13-July-2008

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