Tuesday, 5 August 2008


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Just as there is an apparent whitewash going on in the media and political world with respect to China, the Olympics and their supposed 'human rights' reforms; the same is going on with respect to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The personal friends and business acquaintances of the Bush family are presiding over a crackdown on 'home churches' internally while promising 'reforms' to the outside world and funding the education and proclamation of islam to the west with their oil revenue.

Saudi Arabia is a country that bans the building of churches and the free practice of True Christianity but is the largest exporter of oil to the west. Hence there is no or little media interest or attention of this aspect of islam or the policies of the Saudi government.

China [still an 'atheistic, communist' country] tolerates 'official' churches but is also cracking down on the True [underground] Church; but its economic growth and thirst for oil; western market share and foreign investments in general means that it too escapes the kind of coverage we see from Sudan or Zimbabwe.

The common link: both world systems of islamism and so-called 'free-market' communism [one 'religious' the other 'political'] oppose and persecute True Christians and the True Church. Does this remind you of how the religious and political Babylon in the Book of Revelation also go after True Christians and the True Church. Yet Jesus said that the world would persecute His True followers because it persecuted Him and that no-one can serve two masters [God or mammon] - they must hold to one or the other. With the 'Mark of the Beast' on the horizon; the precursors of that ultimate choice can be seen by watching China and Saudi Arabia. Interesting days indeed.

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KeithJS ... 05-Aug-2008

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