Monday, 29 September 2008


Hello again folks! So the US Senate has [at least initially] thrown out the great bail-out plan; it needed 217 votes but only got 205 votes.
At the same time; over here in the UK; the Government [and I use that term loosely] has now nationalized the 8th biggest bank - the 'Bradford & Bingley'. This follows on from the Northern Rock collapse, the Alliance & Leicester surrender and HBOS falling into the clutches of Lloyds TSB. Not to mention the bankruptcy of 'XL'; the UK's third biggest tour operator. We have a situation here where mass debt is being 'nationalized'. Like a house of cards or a train of dominoes. Falling one at a time.
And the same is happening with our American cousins. I've now lost count of how many US national and regional financial institutions have gone bust or have been swallowed up or have been bailed out by the US Treasury [of course, on behalf of you ordinary US citizens and taxpayers].
Barry Smith was right ... wasn't he? He may have got the timing out but not the certainty of these events.
The Iranians and all those Arab; Japanese and Chinese investors [including their governments] must be watching with interest. And with some glee at the troubles of the final days of George W Bush II's second term. If the slide cannot be arrested, very soon the US will not be seen as a 'AAA' economy; stable enough to host the worlds present reserve currency - the US Dollar. Iran has already commenced its own oil bourse [trading in Euros] with the express aim of destabilizing the US economy directly or indirectly.
The US was in a great deal of debt before the 'credit crunch'. Add the recent additions of billions of dollars to this and that is quite a sum... here is a link to the US National Debt Clock:-
I am not a prophet or a seer. But this is where I think we might be headed if our understanding is right of the framework of the tapestry that is the build-up to the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The US is not in the picture as a major player in End Times theology [eschatology]. Therefore it must decline while [I hate to say it] the EU is on the up [Europa Rising]. I believe we are seeing this major correction or the beginning of it right now. On the flip-side of this; we see Russia and China becoming major players with the former in league with Syria and Iran [kings of the north?] and the latter in league with Sudan [one of the kings of the south]; amongst others. Israel's only big-time benefactor is the US. The Russians and the Chinese are not exactly friends; they are foes. If and when the US suffers this fall from grace [for whatever reason - and there are many]; Israel will be, to a large extent, on its own. I believe that it is then that some sort of conflict [maybe by a proxy war: Syria/Russia/Iran thru' Hezbollah/Hamas] will ensue. The economic wobble that always occurs during and after a major conflict; on the back of the 'credit crunch'; will put 'world stability' at risk in terms of the fallout from wars [and rumours of wars] and financial meltdown. Someone will then arrive on the scene internationally seeming to have all the answers to the war, oil and money ills of the days. He will also confirm or construct a 'peace settlement' for Israel with her enemies [the Bible calls this 'agreement' the covenant of sheol - death]. Israel will be charmed by the seemingly messianic 'everyones a winner' plaudits that this man will be awarded with. You know the rest - if you know your Bible.
If you are British or American; if there ever was a time for national repentance before God for our backsliding and our desertion of Israel; it is now. If you are a True Christian; if there ever was a time to try to reach your family; friends and even foes; it is now. If you are none of the above; the Bible says that NOW is the day of salvation [not tomorrow; next week; next month or next year]. And there is only one Saviour; one Mediator between God and man [i.e. you]; one Redeemer; one Righteous Judge and one King - the Lord Jesus Christ - who took your place on the cross @ Calvary - who paid for your sins so that you can receive the gift of True Salvation and Eternal Life. A truly good deal. All you have to do is just ask Him. And He'll do the rest because it's already done!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 29-Sep-2008

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