Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Hello again folks! A lot of material is out there detailing the current media trumpeted "credit crunch" and, quite rightly, how this current situation may or will lead to the infamous 'mark of the beast' spoken of the Book of Revelation. And, yes, this is indeed a major part of the picture. Just check out the words "Verichip"; "Digital Angel" or Applied Digital Solutions" in your search engine and see what comes up.
But today I want to write to you about a subject that has personally touched the Sinclair clan in the last month ... and is one of the reasons I haven't had as much time to publish more blogs recently.
During the middle of last month; I received an email, that I thought was from my Internet bank, asking for some personal information [not a password] so that BACS payments could be made more quickly into my account. It was so good in it's format and presentation and so seemingly routine that it fooled me completely. Within a couple of hours, a person with an eastern European name [surprise, surprise] had stolen all the money in our bank account to the nearest pound; including the overdraft facility; and had taken a loan out in my name for nearly £10,000; kindly leaving about 75% of it in my account to mask what they had done. It was so deceptive and quick; like the springing of a coiled Cobra on its prey. But thank God and all due credit to my bank for restoring the status quo; cancelling the loan and going after the criminal[s] who did it.
I have had a little time to ponder this event since, hence this particular blog. I'm not going to use this unfortunate incident to berate illegal immigrants or people from eastern Europe. We can blame the EU indirectly at least. But I do have some thoughts that I would like to share with you.
The '666' "Mark of the Beast" is coming ... and sooner that you think. It will come, probably as a voluntary 'option' first and then, when the antichrist decrees it, it will be mandatory. It will come on the wings of promises of peace and security that the son of perdition will ride upon as he promises that his solutions will benefit all. It will come after the crash of cash; the decline of the US dollar [and probably the USA itself - I can't find our American cousins in end-time prophecy]. It will come as a response to terrorist attacks and setbacks in the 'war on terror' - mainly by islamic fundamentalists [true koran adherents] but also hindu separatists [as is happening now in India; pastors and lay christians are under threat - please read this article: ]. It may even come as famines; earthquakes and pestilences mean that people need identifying for medical assistance or burial tagging in greater numbers. This is all part of the tapestry that is the End Times.
But a major factor will be the effects of cyber crime - mainly theft - via the sin wagon that is the Internet [80% of which has been estimated to be pornography and a portion of the rest is a con mans paradise]. Having been a victim of cyber crime but having a biblical worldview that means I won't be signing away my freedom just yet; I can see this issue of theft [both of money and identity] becoming - in tandem with all the other factors - the shoehorn for the mark of the Beast. Learn from my mistake [I have]. And keep watching on a international, national and personal level. And read Revelation chapter 13 while you are at it!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 24-Sep-2008

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