Friday, 26 September 2008


Hello again folks!
As he [in his own mind at least] attempts to create the conditions for the arrival of the madhi [or maybe the false prophet as the Book of Revelation calls him?]; Iranian President Ahmadinejad made another speech [or tirade] at the UN this week. His speech was NOT widely reported at all; superceded by the hype of the "credit crunch" et al. Here are some of his words:-
"The dignity, decency and rights of the American and European nations are being manipulated by a small but cunning group of people called Zionists… who control the important centers of the economy and the decision-making… It is troubling to see that a number of leading presidents and [presidential] candidates from large countries are visiting these people, participating in their conventions… and are committed to their interests… These facts indicate that the American people and the European states are forced to give in to the demands and whims of a small group of materialistic and invasive people… and to waste their resources and dignity on the crimes of the occupiers and the threats of the Zionist network against their will."
Following his speech, Ahmadinejad basked in the applause of heads of state, diplomats and dignitaries. And now, the ultimate insult is that Iran is seeking a seat on the UN Security Council!!! I'm sure his Russian and Chinese friends are assisting him in his quest.
This leader of one the most influential muslim countries in the world is true to his islamic faith and koranic teaching and it should be said that there is not a lot of evidence for the so-called "religion of peace" being, well, a religion of peace. Muslims kill each other more than any 'infidel' ever did [re: the sunni/shi'ite conflict; the Iran/Iraq war et al]. So this continued focus on the 'Zionist regime' is not political at all; it is a religious crusade riding on the anti-Semitic words of the koran, the ultimate in 'hate crime' or 'hate speech'. But it is not outlawed by the UN [they applaud him] or the PC left [silence, what silence?].
Why? Because the prophetic word of the Bible is being fulfilled right before your eyes ... the building up of the ultimate fight: the rest of the world vs. Israel [to be concluded at the Battle of Armageddon] is ramping up. So it is up to Jew and Israel loving Christians to speak up for Jews and Israelis whilst doing their level best to show them that Yeshua truly is Messiah. A difficult balance for sure. But necessary. It may mean that you and I will have to step into the firing line; but God is with those who bless the apple of His eye.
So; we have had that speech this week and also Paul McCartney [with 1,500 security personnel protecting him] defying the threats to his person [by peace -partner palestinians and adherents of the 'religion of peace' - you know which one] for coming to Israel for the first time to play a gig. Why? Because of the 'unfair occupation of the west bank' by Israel. In other words; the ongoing insult to allah due to the fact that land once occupied under the islamic ummah is now in YHWH's chosen peoples hands. Not much evidence here either for the peaceful religion or palestinian peaceful goodwill to its peace-partner?
That speech didn't get a whole lot of mass media coverage and the ex-Beatle members concert received a little more. All while the US economy hogs the headlines. I've been saying this for quite a while now; DON'T MISS WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE HEADLINES! Be faithful watchmen and women and use what is going on to show the validity and Truth of the Holy Bible - while you still have the freedom and before True Christianity is labelled 'hate speech'. Oddly enough; the head of Iran was just given an ovation for his threats against Israel at the UN. Wasn't that real hate speech? The silence is deafening.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 26-Sep-2008

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