Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hello again folks! Here is an interesting piece that I've read on the UKIP web-site; dated Sunday 14-Sep-2008:-
"Islamic law is now operating in the UK with official backing, reports The Sunday Times. Five sharia courts have been allowed by the government to have their judgements in Muslim civil cases enforceable by the High Court or county courts.
The courts are in Nuneaton, London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester and two further “official” sharia courts are scheduled for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Previously depending only on voluntary compliance by Muslims, these courts have been given legal authority by being classified as “tribunals”, the decisions of which are supported by UK courts.
Muslim leaders claim the same authority as Jewish Beth Din courts, which are permitted to resolve civil cases involving such matters as business disputes and divorce. But it has emerged that the sharia courts are also acting in cases of domestic violence and have ambitions to pass judgement in criminal cases.
The Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the judiciary, Lord Phillips, have both supported giving legal force to sharia judgements, but their views have raised fears of the growth of a “parallel” legal system for Muslims in the UK which would undermine the supremacy of British law. Read the full story at Timesonline"
So there you have it. The de-christianization of the United Kingdom PLC is gaining momentum; with the full approval of the archdruid of Canterbury; who - it seems - is more than happy for the reunification of the apostate CoE behemoth to the Roman Catholic Jezebel as well.
Christians ... wake up and smell the coffee! In other words ... watchmen; get watching & get warning ... SOS ... emergency ... calling all Honest Men!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 23-Sep-2008

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