Friday, 19 September 2008


Hello again folks! While all about you are losing their heads [and their pension nest-egg]...
While we are sidetracked by the silly season that is the mass media [and I have MUCH to write about that; believe me]; I noticed something today whilst picking up Rebekah and James from school this afternoon and then picking up a few knick-knacks from Dorisons [... er .. I mean Morrisons!].
That is, to say, a school uniform being worn about the place. The 'emblem' of Codsall High School here in sunny Wolverhampton is the 'yin and yang' symbol so closely associated with eastern religion and mysticism!!!
I'm one of the generation that still had school assemblies; sang hymns; prayed [publicly] and even heard scripture [God bless Collingwood Junior School and Northicote High School for these small mercies!].
This is a real sign of the times ... yes ... the present financial system is on the way out and the 'mark' is coming; yes ... there are wars and rumours of wars; yes ... there are earthquakes and famines and pestilences and the waves are roaring regularly giving men faint hearts; but underneath all this ... this country [England] is being abolished; our Christian heritage is being re-written and our children are being brainwashed about things that the Good Book calls 'doctrines of demons'.
I've been saying this for some time. There's a lot going on that ISN'T in the news but is fulfilling the prophetic Word. So keep watching ... men .... and women!!!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 19-Sep-2008

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