Wednesday, 22 October 2008

2020: Y2K Part II?

Hello again folks! Long time no speak ... loads of things are going on at present but I wanted to let you know what I've discovered this week; quite by accident.
Whilst I was carrying out my duties at work; I was checking out some future demand data and not being the most keyboard savvy person; I was a little over-zealous in pressing the odd button! So that instead of looking at the figures for 2009; I was looking at 2019 into 2020! What I discovered was most interesting ... that when the forecast entered the year 2020, loads of question marks came up when a load of error messages for each month such as "Value 20/04/2020 cannot be displayed using 99/99/99". It may be that this problem is bespoke to the computer program I was using or that not all systems &/or programmes will be affected by this issue - but - obviously some will. I wonder if all the Y2K prep-work done before 01-Jan-2000 catered for this though.
I remember good 'ol Barry Smith making some predictions about Y2K that he later revised. His original 'thesis' was that Y2K was the catalyst for the '666' "Mark of the Beast" but later he said it was the framework for the MoB on which the canvas would be added later. I wonder; with all that is going on these days; and, yes, some leading Christian prophecy 'experts' are prognosticating and month/year setting [but not date-setting] for the Lord's Return - such as Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey - that we might be missing a beat.
Most people missed [including most 'experts' of the time] the Lord's First Advent - only a remnant were ready, willing and able. I wonder if the same will occur again? I've been saying for some time that the Tribulation may be in the next decade [2011-2020] - and maybe I'm right. On the other hand; maybe just maybe; it would be good to go back to the Lord of the Word and wait on Him and His Word. Yes, we should be alert to the signs of the times. But let's not be man-followers [however well-intentioned they are]; let's "...look up, for [our] redemption is drawing nigh".
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 22-Oct-2008

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