Thursday, 30 October 2008


Hello again folks! So much going on at present; the USA presidential election - a pivotal moment in eschatological terms as Obama is clearly the anti-Israel candidate that the palestinians are hoping will win [they admitted this to me personally in May when I was in Israel] - and the USA is not on end times picture as a major player; the 'credit crunch'; the Haiti situation [people are eating mud pies because they can't afford rice]; the re-stirring of genocide in DR Congo; the conviction of the Vatican's 'ambassador' Raffaello Follieri; Iran not-so-secretly testing nuclear weapons underground ... the list goes on. Bob Mitchell is doing a great job in highlighting the situation in Iran and Israel and also regarding Senator Hussein Barack Obama - potentially the US of A's first muslim president. But, as ever I would like to draw your attention to something else.
Another aspect of end time theology is the city of Babylon; whether geographical, spiritual or political. Babylon is a big player in the days to come so I was very interested to read and watch this piece on the BBC News web-site:-
If you use the above link; you will see artists impressions of biblical events and happenings such as the destruction of the tower of Babel [now re-built by the EU 'Beast']; mad King Nebuchadnezzar eating grass; imagery of Marduk [the God of Babylon] et al. This is all to be found in an exhibition being held next month at the British Museum in London. The BBC tells us that it "brings together such works of imagination with archaeological treasures ... to reveal the reality behind the legends.". But you and I know the history of Genesis and Daniel is as real and authentic as that of the First and Second World Wars. Have a look at this slide show and your Bible really will "come to life". The only real 'legend' is that this is the 'myth' the narrator believes it is. This defines the battle in this country .. to defend the Word and historical Truth. This is why the belief in and acceptance of the THEORY of 'evolution' undermines the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and severely impairs the True Gospel message. I guess that that this is just another 'sign of the times'. If any of you go to the exhibition; please let me know your thoughts and observations.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 30-Oct-2008

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