Monday, 27 October 2008


Hello again folks! Sometimes we forget how much God has blessed us and where we have come from. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour on Tuesday 13th March 1984 in the front room of Barry Warhurst's home [God bless him - he is now with his Saviour in glory].
While doing DIY around the house lately; I decided to use an old CD/Tape player which, as the CD doesn't work any more, I decided to play some old cassettes from the 1980's. I'd forgotten that in the mid to late eighties; I was into the music and ministry of one Sheila Walsh ; of 'Rock Gospel Show' fame. While working away around the house, I've been re-listening to the five [5] albums that I bought back then by this lady. I've remembered going over to Birmingham for one of her shows in, I think '85, and finding out that it had been cancelled. By golly; was it really 23 years ago??? I remember witnessing to people and talking about her music; I remember her singing great Graham Kendrick; Rod Trott; Jon Sweet and Paul Field songs; I remember staying up to watch 'The Rock Gospel Show' on Sunday nights; I remember Alvin Stardust co-hosting with her!!! I wish Word/Myrrh [or whoever owns the publishing rights now] would put these out on CD!!
The five albums that I have been listening to are:-
  • Future Eyes [1983]
  • Triumph In The Air [1984]
  • Don't Hide Your Heart [1985]
  • Shadowlands [1986]
  • Say So [1987]

Like I said, I've been reminded of the early part of my journey with the Lord. I surely have pushed and pulled at the grace of God since; I've been up there spiritually and I've been in the pits too. We ought to thank and praise God for the small mercies He bestows on us as well as the big miracles; what He does in the ordinary much more than the extraordinary. I heard Rexella Van Impe [Jack's wife] say this once: "So, if you're not as close to God as you once were; guess who moved?". What wise words!!! Sometimes we need a blast from the past to get our attention. It could be music; poetry; a card; a chance meeting - anything - but it sure is good to realise just how much God is in control - even when we are not. "Sand in the hand will run away; but love in the heart will stay"; "Hope for the Hopeless"; "Thief in the Night" are all great songs. But the love and grace of God isn't found in back catalogues - it's here and now!

God bless you; God bless Sheila Walsh & God bless Israel ... KJS ... 27-Oct-2008

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