Saturday, 11 October 2008


Hello again folks! I was thinking this morning about yesterday's blog "Shock News". This is my train of thought:
So 'experts' are now suggesting that evolution in man has ceased. Interesting. So maybe we can question what 'rate' it was at in the past. Interesting, So we can also question if evolution is the theory [only] that it is and that there is no evidence it has ever taken place. Interesting. All very interesting indeed. Now that is the past; but what of the future? If evolution in man has stopped; then this is all we will ever be. Interesting. We will not evolve into super-humans or become existential beings outside of our physical bodies [much as I liked 'Star Trek', 'Captain Kirk' et al; this 'belief' of Gene Roddenberry permeated a lot of the story lines in the original series and planted a not a few seeds in that generation]. Interesting. So the New Age belief, the eastern/mystic religious belief, the mormon belief, the 'Word-Faith' movement belief [as promoted by Kenneth Copeland; Jim Jones; Paul Crouch; Benny Hinn et al] that we are going to or can become gods [with a little 'g'] doesn't stand up. Interesting. In fact, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics tells us things are devolving. Interesting. The Bible tells us that creation is groaning because of the corruption that is sin - in other words things are unravelling. Interesting. And we are getting worse - morally; physically; emotionally; spiritually; politically; financially; generally. Interesting.
Everything that is observable and testable and provable is telling us that things are not evolving. Some 'experts' are now writing books like 'The God Delusion' based purely on their opinion and scientists are telling us that we are now standing still. Now, take a look at that list of believers in the above paragraph. Within and without what is loosely called Christianity; most of the religions, movements and even those atheistic souls out there seem to think that we can 'evolve' SPIRITUALLY or be reincarnated in 'better' versions of ourselves later. We can, supposedly, become 'gods' and write-off our efforts in this life. This belief [remember - some 'christians' teach and preach or receive and believe this too] is violently opposed to the True Gospel. It is within and without the church but the True Church stands alone in its complete reliance on God's Word and the FINISHED work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.
So despite what we, in our generation, were brainwashed with in our schooling [which was not even true 'science']; despite the almost mass acceptance of a THEORY which is now being drilled into my children and your children [which can be untaught at home with a Bible and a whiteboard] and is endorsed by our 'religious leaders' and despite the spiritual element of this which permeates the doctrine of the followers of the broad road that leads to eternal destruction - despite all this - we can be on solid ground if we hold to the Word and stand firm always being ready to give an answer for the Hope that is IN us - despite what our [religious or scientific] 'leaders' and 'experts' tell us.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 11-Oct-2008

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