Sunday, 12 October 2008


Hello again folks! I've just received a copy of the new Newsboys live DVD/CD from the States ... and in my opinion it's very good. The CCM market could be said to be full of big fish swimming in a little sea. There are a lot of 'Christian' bands out there that sing about the Lord but not to Him. But I like the Newsboys. They never go backwards in honouring God; in presenting the True Gospel; at least in the concerts I have viewed or in the lyrics I have heard. There is the really moving and encouraging personal testimony of Peter Furler at the end of this latest release. Folks, we need to present the True Gospel through honourable means including 'pop' music; as long as it is not compromised in the pursuit of fame, fortune and popularity. It would be great to get these guys over here doing their thing [while we still have the limited freedom of speech to present the Truth]. It would be good for someone to be moved by God to take them on and promote them in godless Britain. Doesn't that tell you something about our once great God-fearing country? The Newsboys fill stadiums in the US because there is still a sizeable 'Christian' block in the population. Here? I don't think so. But God is God of miracles and the impossible. So maybe, before it's too late, we might see one or two more acts of God in this country. You never know.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 12-Oct-2008

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