Friday, 10 October 2008


Hello again folks! I have some 'shock news' for you; that is actually not a shock but an affirmation of the Truth of the Good Book from the very first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation. So take a deep breath; gulp then smile as you relax and see the foolishness of the so-called wisdom of man [see Romans 1:22]. This is from AiG-UK:-
"In an effort to say something new, evolutionists sometimes wrap themselves in knots. Such an event has happened, with comments in the UK press about human evolution, made by Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at University College London, in an article in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, dated 7th October 2008. Jones argues from current data that human evolution is more or less at an end. He attributes this largely to the fact that most of the world's fathers are young. This is how his argument proceeds. Evolution "comes from inherited errors, or mutations". Jones then lists the number of cell divisions that a male sperm goes through, before it is passed on in reproduction. "For a 28-year-old father it is around 300, but for a sixty-year-old it is several thousand. As a result, the rate of mutation goes up many times for old fathers compared to young ones." Therefore, his argument is that evolution will proceed more rapidly if more fathers are older. There is a presupposition not stated in Jones's article. The great geneticist supposes that more mutations equal more genetic information in the DNA. Yet this is never observed to be the case. In fact, the mutations caused always involve a rearrangement or loss of information. Thus, the supposed upward pressure of evolution is, in fact, a downward pressure. Jones almost acknowledged this in an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, on the same day as the article. He commented "there is no evidence that humans today are more intelligent than they were in Victorian times". He also suggested some even earlier historical periods, where people were equally intelligent to those of us today. Either Jones is suggesting that evolution stopped even earlier, or he is acknowledging that it never actually happened in the first place. This is what is so amazing about Jones's article. It might be fair to summarise it thus; [1] Actual scientific evidence suggests that humans are not evolving today; [2] We don't have any evidence that they were evolving in the past either; [3] But we think that they were! Why do evolutionists refuse to follow the actual flow of the evidence: that humans never evolved - we are all descended from the man and woman that God made on the Sixth Day of Creation."
So let's pick up the Word again, not with renewed confidence, but in absolute certainty. And while you are at it; why not re-discover mankind's true origins and history in Genesis 1-11 and the future history and geo-politics of mankind; particularly Israel; in Isaiah 11???
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 10-Oct-2008

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