Thursday, 9 October 2008


Hello again folks! Amidst the 'carnage' of the NWO/Illuminati created so-called 'credit crunch'; there are many other stories being hidden or simply not reported. And, as I've said a few times before, you need to look beneath the headlines. There is no need for me to repeat the sort of good pieces that my good friend Bob Mitchell has published in the last month. You don't need to see the same repeated truth; you need to go to the source and check things out for yourself. Remember a society needs 5% of its citizens to not be blind sheep but to be the equivalent of biblical Bereans - checking out what they're told for themselves.
So, today, whilst browsing the BBC web-site - on the back of my recent blog "The Big Picture" [29-Sep-2008] - this piece got my attention:-

Debt is a reality of modern day life for most people except for the 'elite'. Debt is directly proportional to time. The time that is needed or covenanted to pay back any sum, plus interest [or 'usury']. When one cannot meet the terms of the repayment agreement or one doesn't have the assets to liquidate and, hence, repay the debt - one is bankrupt. Your assets are realized as best as can be achieved to repay your creditors. So for the US 'debt clock' in Times Square, New York to have run out of space or zeros is significant. By any other measure, in the business paradigm, the US would not be viable.

Friends, this great country - one time gospel springboard and No. #1 Israel-supporter is in big trouble. It's not the natural disasters [or 'acts of God' as insurance policies call them] or the pursuance of the 'American Dream' at all costs that has caused this. Could it be judgement by Almighty God? For selling out Israel or for walking away from the One True God or for cosying up with the enemy of YHWH, allah - the crescent moon god of islam? Who knows. But one thing is for sure. The US is not a big player in biblical Eschatology at all and therefore we can look, unfortunately, for its demise as a 'superpower' and, the rise of the EU Beast thereafter. And it's all happening right before your very eyes. So be good Bereans .. be faithful watchmen and do the work of evangelists; while you still can.

One other point of order. The Bible says that there is always a way out of our sinful messes. It is interesting that down the road from the 'debt clock' is faithful David Wilkerson's church - broadcasting the True Gospel message amidst the engineered doom and gloom that is being used to control mass populations at present. Not everyone is one in debt money wise; but they are in terms of sin. Amidst the 'credit crunch'; everyone has their own 'sin crunch'. And no bank, politician, pastor can get you out of that debt. Only the sin-cleansing; pure blood of the Lamb can - the Lord Jesus Christ - Who took all our places on the Cross and is even now offering you the greatest ever bail-out deal in history. Amen!!!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 09-Oct-2008

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