Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Hello again folks! Before there was 'Heresy Watch' there was 'Living Waters Christian Fellowship'; which met at the Sinclair shack for two [2] years; either side of a three month stint in a community centre; frequently under attack from local 'youthful' residents under a barrage of bricks!
Back then; thanks to one of our then members, Mysia, we arranged an evangelistic event in a large hotel in Wolverhampton where we hosted Bruce Marchiano [who played the role of Jesus in the Visual Bible's productions of "Matthew" and "Acts"]. Two of the visitors that night were David and Christine Hall; ex-Jehovah's Witnesses but then [relatively new] born-again, Spirit-filled believers. I remember talking to them after the meeting telling them some of my classic but infamous Bible puns!
Over a year later, the Sinclair clan returned from a family holiday to a message left on our answering machine. It was from Dave; he was requesting a meeting; and not long after, we met them and a great friendship has ensued since. They visited our Sunday AM meetings and Thursday night Bible Studies for a season and moved on, as they felt led, to other pastures whilst continuing to fellowship with us regularly. They introduced us to a good church in Penn [Penn Christian Centre] where we attended, also for a season, and met significant people who are also part of our lives now [thank God]; they know who they are!
A little later on; they told us that God had called them to up sticks and move; lock, stock and barrel to Cyprus - despite the fact that they had many ties here in England. They've visited us a few times since; emailed us and even called us. All this time, I've 'nagged' Dave and Chris to plant an independent fellowship where they are in Cyprus and this week, they've announced that 'Living Waters Ministries Cyprus' has now commenced. Here is their advert in full:-

In the past few weeks, many people have been very concerned about their lively-hoods because of the collapse of the banks and the entire economic system in freefall.

Many nations are in turmoil over the threats coming upon their way of life. So how does that affect you?

It may surprise you but Jesus Christ himself warned of this very time, when he said that PEOPLE WOULD BE FAINT OUT OF FEAR FOR THE EXPECTATION OF THE THINGS COMING UPON THE EARTH. Luke 21:26. Then in verse 28 Jesus said that when we see these things happening, we are to raise ourselves up, because our deliverance is getting near.

Many people scoff at what the Bible teaches and yet the Bible has foretold the very times that we are living in right now. Matthew 24; 2 Timothy 3:1-3.

Many people are searching for answers and truth and turn to all sorts of groups who claim to have the answers.

But the Bible tells us that there is only one truth and that is found in John 14:6 where Jesus says: “I am the way and the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me”

So JESUS CHRIST is the only truth and way to the Father God. So when we are stressed and feeling worthless and not knowing the way out, we only need to call out to Jesus and ask him to lead us into all truth.

Christians around the world know that God has everything under control and that he sustains his people. Our God is holding his hands out to you and asking you to trust him; so do not delay and ask him to show you the way right now.

If you want to exchange the worries and stress of this world for a new life of freedom in Jesus Christ, please give us a ring on 24642306 and talk to someone who has found freedom in Jesus Christ.

God bless Dave & Chris Hall ‘ Living Waters Ministries Cyprus" [end quote]
What a tapestry God weaves. He pulls the strings folks! We are so thankful that, by a series of happenings He ordained, God has brought Dave and Chris Hall into our lives, into Living Waters Christian Fellowship and, now - down the road - 'Living Waters' has been birthed overseas. To God be the glory! By the way, the name of both fellowships was inspired and suggested by my wife Julie's much-missed sister, Susan, who died four years ago and left her own, fruitful legacy. Please pray for LWMC; Dave and Chris Hall and their expanding ministry. And if you live in Cyprus or are visiting the island in any capacity; why not contact them to encourage them or join them??? You never know - God may use them to bless you in your life as much as He has done so for us.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 29-Oct-2008


Sallyvation said...

Dear Brethren,
I have friends in Cyprus as well as friends in Scotland hoping to live there, who are looking for a sound fellowship in Cyprus, and for other believers there to fellowship with. Please could you let me have your details to pass on to them?

Thanking you in anticipation of your help,

In His love

Keith J Sinclair said...

Dear Sallyvation,

Please email me on and I will introduce myself to you whilst passing on the details of Dave and Chris over there in Cyprus!

God Bless,

Keith JS