Saturday, 11 October 2008


Hello again folks! Have you ever thought of this? The purveyors of the THEORY of evolution insist that it is proveable and that the belief in Creationism and also Intelligent Design is either religious in nature or scientifically heretical in their self-righteous eyes. But IF they are right; it all comes down to one big question: Why did the so-called 'Big Bang' happen? Science is all about cause and effect; theory, repeatability and proof. Now if there was a point at the beginning of 'time' that such a big event occurred and there was nothing; no universe; no matter et al; one must come to the position that it happened because it had to. 'It' had no choice but to happen even though there was nothing there to cause it. So the evolutionist really has the ultimate faith: that nothing caused the 'Big Bang' and that it happened because it had to. Most good and True Christians don't have anywhere near that faith. If you have faith in something [even though nothing caused it] the world calls it a religion; therefore evolution is a religion itself that one needs faith to believe in. Yet Biblical Creationism's biggest criticism is that it is religious! Talk about hypocrisy. All hail the ultimate faith: evolution!!! And I for one [Rowan Williams please take note] will not be apologizing to Charles Darwin for not accepting his unproven THEORY. I'll stick to the Book of Beginnings ... Genesis ... taking it literally unless it says otherwise.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 11-Oct-2008

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