Saturday, 4 October 2008


Hello again folks! Could you please pray for Bob Mitchell's brother Brian:-

"He is in Hospital where they have discovered he is in the 3rd stage of the 4 stages of cancer. On Wednesday night he suffered a stroke. His left arm is now paralyzed and his left leg very weak. This is very hard for a man who nursed both his cerebral palsy son and then later his sick wife until both son and later his wife died. After this he found a life in meeting people, before he simply never went out but stayed at home caring. He became a keen bowls man and loved travelling to London for shows and meals out. We are a very large family, [we] usually take over a restaurant when we all meet for a birthday or Christmas bash. At this moment he has more visitors than anyone else on his ward. I am so proud of my family and the way we all rally together in good times and bad. But out of all this only three of us are Christians. Myself, Maria and our nephew Dan who Maria brought to the Lord, and his bride to be Paula. Please pray for Brian and for us as we seek to present the gospel to him and to the rest of the family. We are all due at Dan's wedding next Saturday and are determined to get Brian out of hospital even if only for a few hours. Please pray as the Lord leads. Pass it along to friends. I don't care of it arrives more than once." [from Bob Mitchell]
God bless you, God bless Israel, God bless Brian Mitchell and God bless Bob 'n' Maria Mitchell ... KJS ... 04-Oct-2008

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