Friday, 10 October 2008


Hello again folks! Sometimes you read something that is not from a Christian source but you still say "Amen to that!" because it rings true. Amidst the 'turmoil' of the 'credit crunch' [the rather large bust of a boom and bust cycle]; I think that this comment in my local paper; the Express & Star; just about says it all:-
"Welcome to England where three of today's news items tell us so much. In Bromsgrove, after three raids, an allotment holder put up barbed wire. He has been ordered to remove it in case the thieves scratch themselves. In Wales, a school has banned 'Marmite' because it is too salty. In Maidstone, a judge despairs that, while law-abiding citizens live in fear of wheelie-bin offences, he is not allowed to jail persistent fly-tipper. This is the land that protects the villains, hammers the innocent and where the state is so nannying and intrusive that it cannot even let us enjoy breakfast in peace. This is the land of Drake, Nelson and Churchill. They must be spinning in their graves."
I could tell you that this is predicted in the Bible [and it is]; but today I won't. Not only do our American cousins need to wake up and smell the coffee; but so do we. George Orwell was right; he just got the year [1984] wrong! These are those last days; friends .........
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 10-Oct-2008

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