Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hello again folks! I am no fan of the BNP. In my opinion, if you are a 'nationalist' you can do no better than vote UKIP. What is interesting today is the furore in the media over the deliberate leaking of the BNP membership list onto the Internet by a disgruntled ex-member [apparently]. Some of those members happen to be nurses, police officers and 'professional people'. And some of them have been already threatened or fear being threatened purely because they belong to this ultra-right political party. The BNP is small fry compared to the big two parties and the medium size [comparatively] Liberal Democrats. I'm sure that [a] their membership lists including addresses, telephone numbers and email details would never find their way into the public domain and that [b] their members would not live in fear for being one of their members [maybe their 'donors' might though!].
But aren't we living in a democracy here in the UK? A sizable number of people in this country for differing reasons vote BNP. It is their right. And some of them are members too. Often we hear the BNP criticized just because some folks choose to vote in some of their ilk as councillors et al. But that's their right! I've heard 'spokesmen' from the 'major' parties say that they're the beneficiaries of protest votes or that people voted for the BNP because they had lost 'faith' in them. How arrogant. Simply put; people vote for; stand for and are members of the BNP because they have the right to. They agree in whole or in part with their policies. It's that simple. A colleague at work told me that when Stoke-on-Trent's publicly elected mayor was faced with prospect of five or six members of his council chamber being BNP representatives; he immediately refused to work with them! But they were voted in by the electorate in half a dozen wards. So much for 'democracy'! It depends on how you interpret it. Robert Mugabe was 'democratically' elected; as was Hamas in the Gaza strip ... so what? Poetic justice is that the good people of Stoke have now dispensed with their elected mayor!
It is also well known that the EU is bringing in or has brought in new legislation to restrict the ability of new; small parties to become pan-Europe groups by raising the threshold required to do so. This was proposed by a Labour MEP. Looks like the ODPM and their 'Common Purpose' friends are up to something here. Remember that the good 'ol Irish have to vote again on the 'Lisbon Treaty' [a.k.a. the EU 'constitution'] - not because they they were right in rejecting it but because they didn't give the EU the 'right' result!
So we have a strange and ever diluting brand of 'democracy' both here in the UK and in the EU. Don't be fooled. The Beast is rising. I guess it's just another sign of the times to go on the list. In any case; the best government there could ever be is a theocracy headed by the Lord Jesus Christ ... and it's coming ... "soon and very soon"!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 19-Nov-2008

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