Thursday, 20 November 2008


Hello again folks! The Bible talks about a great falling away in the last days and in context, the "love of many growing cold" is talking about saved people who are in possession of or have been beneficiaries of the 'agape' love of God. For some time I have thought about this prophecy and what might cause it. Certainly those souls who follow the mega-stars of the prosperity gospel message could be some of those who fall away when the effects of the 'credit crunch' hit home and they realise that they should have been storing up treasure in heaven and not in mammon and their god isn't 'blessing' them as it was told them he would.
Here is my take on this subject. I believe that one of the major causes of the upcoming apostasy will be when the often preached and taught theory of the 'Pre-Trib' rapture doesn't take place when predicted. Imagine you are someone who knows that they are in the tribulation and they are losing their home; their family; their jobs and mostly everything else for their faith. The promise of their pastors; favorite teachers; author[s]; films et al has proved to be false. The false security of the promise of evacuation when the fireworks begin would have evaporated and the anger against their peers and those who told them not to worry will rise. This, I believe, will be a major factor.
There is a huge problem in the 'evangelical' church: in that eschatology is not taught or preached [an excellent platform for presenting the True Gospel if ever there was one] either at all or at best, incompletely. Many in the pews are not even aware of the Mid-Trib; Post-Trib or Pre-Wrath views. Many pastors, bible teachers, vicars etc. go on what they were taught in their cemetery ... er ... I mean seminary ... without being Bereans and checking it out for themselves. There is an apparent arrogance here ... they are closed to the idea of being tested or being wrong. But they are fallen human beings too. The Pre-Trib position is staunchly defended as if it were a sacred cow or a pillar of the faith. I know this from personal experience. The problem is that this theory is not explicit in the Word but implicit at best; often pulled and stretched to fit ... one must make assumptions and employ pre-conceived notions; trying to force fit the Bible into their theology instead of vice versa. And they are not out-and-out deceivers either. They are well-intentioned, good, solid believers. They are sincere but, in my opinion, sincerely wrong.
The Word also tells us that Pastors are especially responsible for the souls under their care to the Lord. If they are wrong about the timing of the rapture; whether intentionally or unintentionally; they are accountable to the Lord; none the less. In these days of false apostles; false teachers; false prophets; false brethren; false doctrine ... we have to also be open to the possibility of false shepherds ... those "bishops of the soul". The alternative could be a kind of willing deception on the part of the teacher and the hearer ... because neither tested it themselves. So check out the alternatives folks; study them ... check them out. Remember this if nothing else from today's blog: the most effective deceivers are those deceived themselves. This applies to the rapture question as much as anything else.
God bless you and God bless Israel ...KJS ... 20-Oct-2008

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Irv said...

Am enjoying your great blog. Wondering if you have run across "America's Pretrib Rapture Traffickers" which is on the "Powered by Christ Ministries" site. Lord bless. Irv