Sunday, 30 November 2008


Hello again folks! Things are getting a little busy for the Sinclair clan right now so please accept my apologies for the sparse blog issues! We've just returned from visiting our friends on the Welsh border and it's late on the last day of November ... December here we come! I was going to publish a new blog called 'Bright Lights' tonight and another on the Mumbai [Bombay] islamic terrorist attacks ... but something else has just got my attention ... big time. So they will follow soon [promise!].
I regularly trawl the main news web-sites of the mass media when I log on to my PC. And so I did tonight; only to read this on the BBC news web-site 'tickertape' latest news ...
"EC president Jose Manuel Barroso says leading British politicians are 'actively considering' joining the Euro."
May I earnestly request that you take another look at my previous blog from Monday 24th November entitled "The Return of Controversial Keith" and then watch the 'news' in the coming week and weeks. Miracle of miracles; I got something right! Talk to you again soon folks. Thank you for tuning in!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 30-Nov-2008

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