Monday, 24 November 2008


Hello again folks! This short blog of mine addresses the number one news item being broadcast to the brainwashed millions in this country today. Why is it that after a series of bank liquidations followed by the 'credit crunch' and now the 'sudden depression'; we have our government - who have already bailed out five major financial institutions; with lessening tax revenue et al - now deciding [in the words of one major newspaper] to "take a £20 billion tax gamble" [with your money] to 'spend our way out of recession'??? Most people will benefit a little from VAT dropping 2.5% [a CD @ £12 will now cost £11.75] and even if this is coupled with the interest rate drop of 1.5% recently ... it will hardly encourage ordinary folk to go out to the shops and suddenly gain super-confidence and go on a pre-Christmas spending binge will it???
This huge amount of borrowing and its resultant debt means that the UK will be in a major fiscal deficit for a long time and it will most probably impact the next generation of earners as much as this. We are going to be taxed to death in the medium term.
But what does this really mean and what is really going on??? When a country enters recession and its national debt, as a percentage of GDP, increases ... its currency is far less attractive to investors and tends to devalue. Now, if you check out the 'other' news besides the 'credit crunch' and Madonna's divorce; you will see that the value of the pound is depreciating. And now it may continue its slide. Last year when we had our family holiday in Cyprus you could get €1.40 for £1 ... now it is €1.1728 [a 16% reduction]. If things don't go according to Chancellor Alistair Darling's plan [or Gordon Brown's plan fronted by Mr. Darling]; very soon the pound will be at equity with the euro.
Now ... when the United Kingdom PLC has a currency equal to the euro .. it will be the only real opportunity for the Europhiles to start talk of dropping the pound and adopting the euro. That's my point ... could the 'credit crunch' and Gordon Brown's recapitalization plan and the interest rate chop and this new 'package' all be a plan to damage our economy [and that of the USA] enough for us to swap the pound for the euro??? Remember that it is in the interest of our NWO/Illuminati/Club of Rome 'friends' that nations lose their independence [their own currency; constitution et al] and fall in with these trans-national regions ... so that the one world government can be implemented. No wonder Gordon Brown keeps mentioning that 'new world order' of his.
I'm no prophet ... just a watcher ... but I reckon that what it is really going on is planned and is fulfilling, day by day, the scenario predicted in the Word of God. I believe you will see the end of the pound; the elevation of the euro; the demise of the dollar and the rise of the Beast quite dramatically and quite soon. So ends the return of controversial Keith!!!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 24-Nov-2008

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