Friday, 5 December 2008


Hello again folks! It's a good job I delayed the issuing of this blog! Following on from an earlier blog entitled "White Lines"; this blog also stems from my motoring around on these roads in England and Wales. Whether or not my eyesight is getting worse; I've noticed lately just how many other drivers have maladjusted front lights or wait until the last possible moment before turning off their 'full beam'. Last night some unknown personage who couldn't judge the width of their car and the width of their side of the road clipped my wing mirror. I was about four [4] inches from a collision and a foot [12"] from a head-on crash! But I'm OK! God really does employ His angels ... even over undeserving souls like moi. I only need to replace my [expensive] wing mirror and nothing else! If a cat has nine [9] lives; how many do I?
So finishing off this blog today has real significance. You see while being regularly blinded on these winter nights by other drivers - for whatever reason - I got to thinking: that too much light is as bad as too little. In the same way that fast drivers are dangerous; so are slow ones. We are told to not look directly into the sun for good reason - one can be blinded. Too little light and all you can see is shadow and dusk; outline and twilight. Too much light and at best you can only squint and see the periphery.
Often what happens in the natural is mirrored in the spiritual. Too much light is not always good. The Holy Bible speaks of believers who can only handle milk; meat is out of the question. They are carnal; still trying to master the flesh. Too much Truth or light will startle then; shock them or cause them to shrink back. I am ashamed to admit that in the past I have maybe put a little too much food on the table or light in the eyes of some souls who have crossed my path. I had the right motive but maybe the wrong delivery or timing. Baby believers need nurturing and weaning off milk .. onto rusks ... and progressively to solids. So is the case with discipling and helping new/young born-again believers on the road to glory. One day at a time as God leads is the way. Some are gifted in certain areas meaning they start fast and move quickly. Some need grounding and foundations strengthening for their walk. But too much light too soon or the wrong mix too soon are as bad as none at all. Like developing photographic film.
The end-times True Church will be just like the early Church. Persecuted; poor; in peoples homes but full of fellowship, prayer, communion, community and all kinds of spiritual gifting. Part of that 'mix' will be the need for real; authentic discipleship [Jesus said to go and make disciples; He didn't say to go and make converts - Rick Warren and Nicky Gumbel please note!]. Bright lights blind as does intense light; but in the right measure light reveals all in context and panorama. And so it is in the spiritual realm. To quote a character from that 80's TV series "Hill Street Blues" ... 'Let's be careful out there!"
Next blog: JUST as in the days of Noah ... literally: A new view.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 05-Dec-2008

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