Friday, 26 December 2008


Hello again folks! I love the record and video by the Newsboys called "Entertaining Angels"; and today's blog is on a similar topic.
The following article on is self explanatory. The picture opposite may give you an insight as to what those shepherds saw at the the herald of Messiah Yeshua's first advent or what Elisha saw what all seemed lost .. or what you need to see if you are fervently praying for someone or something.

The writer of Hebrews [Paul???] said that we can entertain angels unawares, particularly when we are welcoming or giving or we are good samaritans not seeking immediate reward ... just because we are blessing people because we want to or we are obedient to God. So please have a look at this article and be blessed:-
At this time of year people are thinking about giving ... they are admittedly thinking about grabbing bargains and doing a whole host of other more honourable things too. Some people are doing the most awful things ... my nephew was burgled on Christmas Eve ... his children's gifts stolen and home ransacked. In the USA; a man dressed as Santa killed seven [7] people at a family party. We live in a fallen world; there is still a faint glow of the original glory of God's creation ... just look at the Northern Lights or a Fire Rainbow here ...

You can see that, despite everything, God really is still in control ... in the natural and in the supernatural. You never know ... you may be protected by; visited by or you may entertain unaware ... angels ... messengers of God. So keep believing ... for faith pleases God.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 26-Dec-2008

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