Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Hello again folks! Happy Christmas Eve! Being one of those souls who have to go to work today [am I lucky or unlucky in this?]; I was trawling breakfast news TV this morning as I motivated myself for work. One of the channels [I think ITV] had a woman vicar on it for a few minutes talking to the presenter about the real meaning of Christmas &/or the irrelevance of 'religion' a la 'christianity' [the CoE brand me thinks]. This was after an article on BBC News highlighting a 'small' group of believers who are trying to stop the dumbing down of Christmas carols and hymns that have the audacity to speak of God as a 'He' etc. [good luck to them ... they are in a 'David & Goliath' stand against a very intolerant [at least against True Christianity] PC crowd.
Back to the vicar. She stated a number of times that the meaning of Christmas [to you and me: saturnalia] was to celebrate the gift of a small baby born in poverty; even a refugee ... the gift of God to the world. That was it. No mention of of the real reason why God gave us this gift of a 'babe in swaddling clothes'. Most importantly ... no mention of the 'S' words ... SIN or SINNERS that are in dire need of salvation; or that this the the real reason for the season. Another opportunity lost. A few precious minutes to put out the True Gospel wasted. Once again fluffed by the public face of the CoE. Another failure to deliver. May most of us that are minded that way seek to at least remind one [1] person this 'christ-mass' as to the what it's all about.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 24-Dec-2008

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