Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Hello again folks! Man is fallen; Israelis/Jews make mistakes and so do arabs/gentiles. The situation in Gaza is not as "complex" as the mass media tell us it is. But we need to understand what is really going on in southern Israel. Any loss of innocent civilian life is sad and regrettable but we see here the fundamental differences between islam and other 'religions'. That is ... the love of death versus the value and sanctity of life. Let us remind ourselves what is happening down in Gaza:-

  • For over two years; missiles have been fired randomly by Hamas into southern Israel hitting the towns of Sderot; Ashkelon and now Ashdod as well as dwellings in the Negev.
  • The means of delivering these rockets have been hidden either in or between or next to residential habitations [whether the Gazan citizen 'on-the-street' really wants this or he/she has been 'persuaded' to co-operate by their friendly local Hamas 'officials' is debatable]; Do you remember Avi Lipkin's 'Edmonton Revelation'???
  • The media in general has not overly reported the incessant and continuous missile hits that the residents of southern Israel have endured for the last two years - even during the so-called 'ceasefire' in the last six [6] months. Apparently; Israeli/Jewish lives lost are not as newsworthy as those of others in the region.
  • The people of Gaza 'democratically' voted in Hamas ahead of Fatah. The Hamas charter includes their major goal of not only not ever recognizing the Jewish nation of Israel but also its total destruction. This aligns with the true islamic goal of a worldwide ummah with those 'monkeys and pigs' i.e. what the koran calls christians and Jews; either being removed or classed as dhimmis. Hamas is a truly islamic political entity with islamic goals.

So, where are we at??? The Gazans have what they asked for. The Israeli government has tried [hopefully for the last time] the 'land for peace' stratagem. But it won't work with true islamists ... who are allowed to make false covenants and lie in their jihad if it gains them ground or gives them time to develop superior military advantage.

The mass media of the world will almost uniformally condemn Israel and the 'quartet' of political 'leading' nations will call for an unconditional, permanent ceasefire. Which Israel will keep but Hamas will not as history shows that the 'palestinians' have not kept one of their pledges from the Oslo Accord. And the circle of events will keep repeating ... unless Hamas is taken out. But don't forget that Fatah is not a lot better. Their goals towards the Israelis/Jews are the same as Hamas. They indoctrinate their children too from the age of two upward to hate Jews and by extension Israel.

The concept of democracy is totally alien and opposite to the 'theocracy' that is islam. But it is a tool to gain power, favour and ultimately victory over the 'dar el harb' [the 'house of war'] or the 'infidels'. The UN; the EU; our weak government here in the UK and the incoming new regime in the US have never grasped the real deal with islam. All we hear is that islam is a religion of peace and it's god is the same god as that of the Jews and True Christians. The evidence is to the contrary.

The only answer to all this isn't the destruction of Hamas or even islam [although it needs to be confronted and tamed]. The only answer is repentance and a living faith in the finished work of Messiah Yeshua. He is returning soon ... and the [world] government will be on His shoulders alone ... the best ever government and a perfect theocracy. In the meantime; please pray for the salvation of Jews, gentiles, arabs, muslims, Israelis alike. And don't believe what is being broadcast on your local news channel without checking it out for yourself. Remember that we are all fallen and likely to make mistakes. The issue in Gaza; the so-called 'West Bank'; Lebanon et al is the same. Islam versus the world. Having had the opportunity to visit southern Israel this year and hear what is happening 'on-the-ground' with my own ears and see with my own eyes the ongoing situation; it has taken several attempts to write this blog in a heartfelt and matter-of-fact manner. Truth really is at a premium in these 'last days'. But it is the Truth that will really set you free. Shalom!!!

God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 30-Dec-2008

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