Monday, 22 December 2008


Hello again folks! I'm back!!! As we approach Christmas ... er ... saturnalia and the New Year [2009]; there are so many things and events that deserve comment. It's been a strange 'ol year hasn't it? But I want to keep a promise first and present this proposition.
The scriptures detail quite concisely the social scenario and spiritual stage of the days of Noah of our common ancestor ... Noah [and by extension Adam]. We know that following the fall of man and the sudden occurrence of the first murder; things went downhill relatively quickly. The water canopy-covered; ideal environment of the antediluvian [pre-flood] world bred immense growth of both population and spiritual wickedness.
I've had a number of debates about whether Noah; that righteous preacher; witnessed for 100 or 120 years before or while he built the Ark. The point is he was faithful and obedient.
Two principle events; as recorded in the book of Genesis; are referred to specifically by the Lord Jesus Christ when He spoke about the time of the end. He said that the general manner of life would be 'normal'; [i.e. people eating; drinking; spousing; espousing et al]. He said that the [second] coming of the Son of Man would be just as in the days of Noah and as in the days of Lot. A reference to the calm before the storm of the Noadic flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord also said that there would be a great apostacy or 'falling away' [as did the Apostle Paul] at that time. So we will see past biblical events being replayed in the last days in the ultimate fulfillment of Bible prophecy and eschatology.
An idea occurred to me ... just how 'as' ... "as in the days of Noah" literally did Jesus intend this prophetic alarm to be? The Word should be rightly divided. Usually; if the Lord told a parable; He would present it as such. If the Psalmist wrote prose or poetry ... it was such and if the writer of Genesis wrote historic and/or scientific fact; it was such. We should take the Book of the Lord literally unless otherwise advised.
Now another thought then occurred to me ... JUST as in the days of Noah ... what if there was a falling away here too??? I'm not saying that eight [8] people couldn't have built the Ark in 100 years to time, plan and God's economy; just that maybe Noah was initially a little more successful in his message of repentance and that; despite the spreading wickedness; despite the fact that no-one had even seen or heard of 'rain' before [and Noah having the unfair label of being the world's worst preacher/evangelist in terms of 'numbers' since]; what if Noah had a few more than eight 'disciples' to start with??? [Remember: he didn't know the timescale of God's jugdement]. What if all those helpers gradually 'fell away' as the predicted catastrophe didn't happen as they thought it would??? Any bells ringing??? What if all he really was left with to finish the job was the 'remnant' of his wife; his three sons and their wives??? Imagine the other family members who didn't make it. Just maybe Noah was the ultimate man of faith to carry on, a day at a time - for 100 years or 36,000 days - while all around him lost their heads??? Even close friends and family! Despite everything. Like Job.
So ... when the Lord said "Just" as in the days of Noah ... did He really mean it on many different levels??? Are the end times are a dramatic finale and literal replay of those early times??? Should we expect True believers to fall away and even betray their brothers and sisters in Christ [as did Judas Iscariot - the man of perditon]??? One thing I do know; the Lord warned about this also.
One of the major end time markers is DECEPTION [Remember: how many times did Jesus warn the 'ekklesia' or His 'called out ones' to 'be NOT deceived'???]
The other one [a replay of His first advent is some way] is BETRAYAL [fathers/mothers against their own sons/daughters and vice versa et al].
So please maybe re-consider these important Words from the Lord. Maybe; JUST maybe; JUST as in the days of Noah means JUST as in the days of Noah. We need to take our blinkers off and re-read and meditate on the Word. Chew it over ... that's what biblical meditation really is ... going over fallowed ground afresh under the illumination of the Holy Spirit. I'd love to hear your comments/thoughts on this subject! And it's great to be back!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 23-Dec-2008

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