Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Hello again folks! These are my thoughts on what transpired last week in Bombay. The massacre in Mumbai was, of course, truly awful and represents just how depraved fallen man has become. Wall to wall media coverage really brings it all home. Most of the headlines have centred on whether India had prior knowledge of the plot via the USA and whether there was any Pakistani involvement [directly or indirectly]. People and organizations like Jerry Golden and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre have been vocal in the area of what I believe is being deliberately NOT reported by the BBC and its ilk.
That is that this was an islamic 'attack'. When you consider that the perpetrators main targets were Jewish or those who held American or British passports; it should give you a clue. This attack was a truly islamic inspired jihadic operation. The murder of the six [6] Jewish personages at the outreach centre of Chabad Lubavitch was reported but not the reasons for this supposed 'shock' attack.
The islamic koran calls Jews and Christians the sons of pigs and monkeys. It promotes either their eradication or their second or third class status as 'dhimmis'. The true islamist takes his or her koran at its true meaning and enters jihad for allah. The 'terrorists' who did this did it to please allah and to earn paradise. The house of peace went to battle with the house of war. These deluded souls were true muslims. They were not 'fundamentalists' [as if there are non-fundamentalist muslims elsewhere!]; they planned and executed this attack on Jews, Christians, infidels and polytheists [in their own words] and it wasn't the fault of Pakistan; Afghanistan; the USA; the UK or Israel ... and it had nothing to do with the 'palestinians' either. It was to do with islam. Plain and simple. It is this root cause and this fact that the mass media - in fulfilling the wishes of islamic/arab oil bloc and their friends in the UN; CFR et al - have, unsurprisingly, failed to report.
Remember this ... Jews; arabs; muslims; socialists; communists; atheists; capitalists and any other 'ists' need to hear, receive and accept the True Gospel. That they are sinners in need of salvation via the finished work and Person of Yeshua; the Son of God; Who presented Himself - ONCE and FOR ALL - on the cross in our place; Who died; rose again and is currently seated at the right hand of the Father and Who is returning ... soon and very soon. I'm not against muslims; I'm for them ... they need the Lord Jesus Christ because allah is not YHWH; Jehovah or the God of the bible ... you work it out.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 02-Dec-2008

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