Thursday, 15 January 2009


Hello again folks! Yesterday I promised that I would tell you about the 'Edmonton Revelation' as told by Avi Lipkin [a.k.a. Victor Mordecai] as told in full on the DVD shown on the left; as published by Koinonia House; entitled "The Coming Conflict: Israel and Iran"; ISBN-978-1-57821-360-3
I am going to condense and summarize it; if you want to see or hear the full story; please go to and procure this DVD briefing for yourself. It's a very good briefing in light of current events in and around Israel.
Back in 1999 in downtown Cairo; there lived a goodly [unmarried] muslim woman doctor; who by her own initiative; who was a kind of Good Samaritan to her fellows but without the support of any organization or charity. As she hit her forties; she realised that she needed to do something to ensure that she didn't end up old, lonely and destitute. There wasn't any social security provision for her ilk in Egypt. She decided to emigrate to Canada; to work and earn a nest egg to live on in her retirement. Soon after she received a 'visit' from the local muslim hierarchy who congratulated on her successful application. How did THEY know she wondered?
The visit was to ask her to do her 'duty to allah' bit for then. They wanted her to go work in Canada; be successful in practice ... and compile a list on a hard drive on all the Jews; inter-married Jews & Christians and pro-Israelis in her area. After all; she'd have to see their NI numbers; addresses; telephone numbers; email addresses for them to join her practices membership.
Then, at the time that war breaks out in the Middle East and the 'ummah' goes to war with Israel; she would hand over her hard drive to local 'operatives' so that they could go after the Jews; the inter-married Jews & Christians and the pro-Israelis in her adopted new town - Edmonton, Alberta. And all Jews in North America would be killed this way.
This brave lady refused and the gentlemen of that so-called 'peaceful' religion slit the throat of her best friend who was standing next to her; they threatened her that she would be next if she didn't comply. The next day she applied for and received political asylum and she fled to Canada. Avi Lipkin was sitting in a synagogue in Edmonton when he heard this story; related to the congregation by a lady who was the social worker for that woman who defied the murderers of her best friend and their plans for mass Jewish extermination. The story became known as the Edmonton Revelation.
It is estimated that 90% of muslims in North America are law-abiding; 'good' people so therefore there are 10% true ['radical'; 'fundamentalist' et al] muslims. Avi Lipkin's belief is that there are 20 million muslims in North America; hence perhaps 2 million would go after the Jews and their friends. Not so inconceivable when there is estimated to be just over 6 million Jews in the USA and Canada. The same plans undoubtedly exist for the UK; Europe and worldwide.
When you understand the above threat and the threat that Israel faces from Hamas - an islamic political-religious movement whose own charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the 'removal' of Jews from the land [in other words; the extermination of Jews currently residing in the land] and who use their own population as human shields; firing at Israeli soldiers whilst hiding behind palestinian children; in UN compounds; hospitals; schools etc ... then you begin to understand the bigger picture in Gaza.
Ten [10] years on; the Edmonton Revelation is a trumpet call for us to be alert not only to the basic tenets of the islamic faith; but also to be alert to the politically correct gang who defend it; calling it a religion of peace and misunderstood intentions - either because they are deceivers or they are the deceived - or both. Most of all; we need to understand the threat that worldwide Jewry and their friends [including Christians] face from the true islam and true muslims ... especially in the UK and North America.
The time to present the True Gospel is shortening; as the last few seconds of the Armageddon clock are ticking away .........
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 15-Jan-2009

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