Thursday, 1 January 2009


Hello again folks!!! Welcome to 2009 ... the Lord is returning soon and very soon. I wanted to start this new year with a little geography lesson with respect to the situation in Gaza. Not all people have a grasp on what is really going on in Gaza. And, having visited my cousin and her family in Ashdod last May; the map has increased significance for moi.
You can see the Gaza strip and Gaza city where all the current news headlines are coming from. You can see the proximity of the towns of Sderot and Ashkelon that have bore the brunt of regular rocket attacks in the last two [2] years. You can also see Ashdod just up the coast from Ashkelon [about 20 miles from Gaza]. Rockets hit and killed Israeli citizens [not military personnel] in Ashdod this last week. The same thing happened in Beersheva and the Negev settlements this last week too.
Can you see the ever expanding range; random brutality and cowardice of these rocket attacks??? The Israeli army is trying to take out rocket launchers hidden in peoples homes; garages and alleyways. They are deliberately positioned in these locations to make most Gazan citizens human shields. And because man is fallen; so the Israeli army make the odd error despite trying their best to limit 'collateral damage' in taking out Hamas military equipment. You see that while Israel is not perfect; they are trying to stop rocket launches by Hamas aimed at the general populace of Israel and not any Israeli army targets.
These rockets hit homes; kindergartens; shopping centres; schools ON PURPOSE. Any non-Hamas Gazans killed or hurt by the Israeli offensive are so affected NOT ON PURPOSE. This is a key difference and major issue not being reported. Indeed; the so called UN resolution for a semi-permanent ceasefire has only been rejected by the Israeli government because it called for the Israelis to cease firing and not Hamas ... how fair is that??? Now you can start to see the kind of bias that exists in world politics and the mass media against Israel but not her many enemies.
Returning to the map; Jerusalem is in the top right hand corner. Read Zechariah and heed the words of the prophets of God. All nations will come up against Jerusalem and what you are seeing is satan's end game and the unveiling [this is what the word 'Revelation' means] of God's purposes for Israel; the world; the lost and His peculiar people. Nearly everyone got the events and happenings of Christ's first advent wrong ... so let's not be surprised at what goes down just prior to His second advent???
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 01-Jan-2009

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