Sunday, 25 January 2009


Hello again folks! Finally; after a week of computer viruses and glitches; here is my take on Barack Hussein Obama; the 44th US President and its first black-muslim President too.
For me there are not a few issues that revolve about the hype and hysteria generated around his battle with Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and election campaign. But Obama is indeed an interesting man. Some said that he is too immature or inexperienced. Some say that he is not even qualified or that even a genuine US citizen [a key requirement to be US President]. He is known to be pro-abortion; pro-homosexual lobby; anti-Israel [not many muslims aren't]. He has links with the black liberation theology movement [despite the 'distancing' of himself from his old Pastor]. The left love him and the right are currently tolerating him [a la 'NObama']. The 'palestinians'; the arabs; and the muslim world appear to have high hopes for him. Indeed, when I was in Jerusalem last year; a number of arab locals shouted "We love Obama" to me ... when they thought me to be an american citizen that is.
At his inauguration we had wall-to-wall coverage in the mass media; a couple of seizures by US Senators; a twice-taken presidential oath; even a visit by a couple of UFO's! No doubt 'Obama - The Movie' is in the pipeline. The world loves Obama - for now. I have my own take on this important subject.
Unless most Bible teachers on the subject of end time theology are wrong [and they could be - they are human beings - remember a lot of 'experts' got the first advent wrong]; the antichrist will not be American and the USA does not feature in the last days as a world superpower. We can find China; Russia; the muslim axis; the EU but not the USA; unless you stretch what the word 'tarshish' means or take on the teachings of British Israeliism.
This last week I broached the subject of Obamania with my work colleagues. One of them remarked at how good he was at presenting himself; his powerful speeches; his charisma; his almost worshipful following among the youth et al. I replied to him this: "So was Hitler!" This raised a laugh but also a few nods of agreement.
After World War I; Germany was at its lowest point. Forced to surrender and pay reparations to France et al; there was an economic implosion and a young man named Adolf Hitler embarked on his journey; on the ticket of recovering Germany's pride and power but riding on the undercurrent of antisemitism and the money of Wall Street bankers. The key factors were financial decline; rising anti-Jewish sentiment and financial instututional politics. Does this sound familiar to you? Are any bells ringing?
There is in the Judeo-Hebraic scriptures a deeper level to prophecy. In the Jewish mindset prophecy is fulfilled in patterns leading up to an ultimate; final fulfillment. It is called 'Midrash'. It is why you see types of antichrist all through the Bible and Jewish history ... Pharoah; Antiochus Epiphanes IV; Titus; Hitler and so forth. What I am saying that there is a pattern here ... repeating. Another man rising who is promising much but will never deliver.
President Obama has inherited from one George W. Bush a tarnished legacy. An intolerable burden of debt. An economy in decline. A country surveilled to death; living in a phantom democracy. A country that has turned its back on the God of its founders and embraced a melting pot of mans philosophies and ungodly musings. It is widely predicted that the US will now 'distance' itself from Israel and participate in the 'Two-State' solution; invoking the curse of Joel 3:1-2 and others and bringing God's judgement on itself. Obama is pro-abortion ... even today he has invoked the fury of the roman catholic 'church' for restoring US funding for family planning clinics abroad that give advice on or carry out abortions. To be fair; I'm sure that he also has some policies that are moral and good.
But far from being the 'messiah' [with a little 'm'] and not being THE antichrist; and taking into consideration the mess that he has inherited and the likelihood that he will keep Israel at arms length; according to the eschatological view of most of todays end-time Bible commentators - I think that he will preside over the decline of the USA and the concurrent rise of the EU. He may also help pave the way for the political and economic conditions that present the antichrist to us. He will do what his NWO/Illuminati masters want him to do. That - for me - is the Obama Factor. Please continue to pray for me too.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS .. 25-Jan-2009

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