Friday, 9 January 2009


Hello again folks! Writing this blog today is hard. The death of any child [whether palestinian; Jewish; arab; gentile; black; white or yellow] before his or her time is tragic and very sad [and, believe me, I know all about it]. They are little souls and very precious to Messiah Yeshua. And we are seeing images from Gaza [predominantly] of maimed or dead children being paraded all over the mass media.
But; in my opinion; there is an even greater 'crime against humanity'. Have a look at the above photographs. To teach children of two [2] years old and upward to hate Jews [or anyone else]; to handle a gun; to throw a grenade; to be a suicide bomber et al ... and all in the name of the 'struggle' for the so-called palestinian homeland is worse. Whole generations of palestinian kids are encouraged to hate from an early age and taught to do so by both Fatah and Hamas [I suggest that you have a look at Palestinian Media Watch:]. The palestinian goal is the same as the true islamic goal. The destruction of Israel and by extension the killing of Jews and Jew-loving people. Just as a whole generation of German children [via the Hitler youth and other Nazi 'organizations'] were indoctrinated with hatred and murderous intent upon the Jews and other groups; so it is with the youth of 'palestine'. There are many parallels with islam and nazism [a blog on this subject is forthcoming]... they are natural bedfellows. The most brutal brigades/regiments in the SS were, you've guessed it, muslim. The real enemy of palestinian children is islam; not Israel.
But I wonder why the mass media news outlets who rush to publish the Gaza conflict photographs and specifically the casualties haven't covered this even greater sin? Don't forget that it was both Hamas and Fatah who used Mickey Mouse-type cartoon characters to fill the heads of their kids with pure islamic fury and hatred against the 'infidels' and 'sons of monkeys and pigs'. How can you have peace with people who are totally focused on your destruction and can lie to your face and still 'please' their god 'allah'? The answer is: you can't. This unholy mess can only be solved by Messiah Yeshua. True reconciliation is only possible in Messiah Yeshua. And only the second advent of Messiah Yeshua will bring an end to this.
PSALM 122:6-7; ISAIAH 55:6.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 09-Jan-2009

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