Saturday, 3 January 2009


Hello again folks!!! I wanted today to tell you about what looks like an interesting new film starring Daniel Craig [a.k.a. James Bond] and Liev Shreiber - who also starred together in that excellent movie "Munich".
In light of the vitriolic anti-Israeli bias in general and rising anti-semitism here in England; Europe and beyond; it looks as if this film is a poignant reminder of what happened nearly seventy [70] years ago in Nazi Germany and is prophesied to happen again in the coming [if it is not already here?] tribulation. Here is a link to the films web-site c/w trailer:-
This new film [released in the UK on Thursday 09-Jan-2009] tells the story of the Jewish freedom fighters who engaged the Nazis victoriously. Daniel Craig plays heroic resistance leader Tuvia Bielski. It is based on the true story of a band of Jews who built their own village in a forest in Nazi-occupied Belarus during the World War II. From their secret base they launched attacks on enemy supply lines and army targets, raided weapon stores and stole provisions to survive. Tuvia and his two brothers Asael [played by Jamie Bell] and Zus [played by Liev Schreiber] helped to save 1,200 Jews from certain death.
Not unlike one Oskar Schindler who also saved 1,200 Jewish lives [see the picture above of his grave that I visited in Jerusalem last year]. I will be visiting the cinema next week to see this film for myself. I hope that you will also find the time to do so too. I wonder what sort of heroes will emerge [and quite soon] to aid the Jewish people as they face their long-prophesied end time tribulation angst from antichrist? And don't forget they need salvation in Messiah Yeshua as much as anyone else!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 03-Jan-2009

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norbert said...

I grew up in post-WW2 Vienna. I was a member of a Jewish-Zionist youth organization where the local leader fought in a group like the one shown in "Defiance". His group of resistance fighters lived and fought against Hitler within the mountains and woods of what is now the Cseck Republik. Only a few of them survived the war. I was a beneficiary of the stories and songs that he brought with him. His name was/is Jakov Schoenfeld. Just wanted to say that all that was real and not just a single phenomenon.
Norbert Steiner