Friday, 2 January 2009


Hello again folks!!! Recalling my earlier blogs: "The Return of Controversial Keith" and "I Told You So" last November; on the subject of the falling GBP against the Euro and the calls that would and did start to follow for the UK to join the Euro and ditch the pound. I note with interest three articles on page 25 of the 02-Jan-09 edition of Wolverhampton's "Express & Star" newspaper.
The first one states that a recent poll showed that 71% of voters are still opposed to joining the euro; ten [10] years after it was introduced. This is good news at first reading but it is tempered by the second article.
The second article showed that the top spender on advertising last year [up to October] was ... HM Government ... for the first time since election year 2001 ... with £158 million [of your - the taxpayers - money].
This is most interesting. Just as the EU are pressurizing the Irish into accepting the 'Lisbon Treaty' [a.k.a. the 'EU constitution'] at the second attempt - both directly [via financial and political channels] and indirectly [via spin and mass media advertising]; I'm going to make another prediction: that both directly and indirectly - as we see the value of the GBP stay at parity or drop to even less value than the euro - you will see a direct and indirect 'campaign' grow and grow telling us it's time to join the euro and ditch the pound. I suspect that a succession of financial pundits; chat show discussions; newspaper headlines; "Breaking News"; government 'leaks' and very positive EU spin will prevail and pave the way during the doom and gloom being prophesied for 2009.
The third article states that parents with children who live apart are £5,000 better off that those who stay together in terms of available social security/governmental benefits.
We are seeing a growing dependency on the government for benefits and bail-outs; that promotes less the Christian principle of the family unit c/w working ethic and more the break-up of 'traditional' Judeo-Christian values. In short; the unravelling of God's model for society replaced by a kind of socialist/communist model - by stealth and spin. I suspect that just as public opinion will be persuaded by way of all the available means of the EU on the subject of the euro and the 'Lisbon Treaty' [in the UK and Eire] and as the so-called 'credit crunch' bites; it's going to get harder and harder to stand on the right ground.
That 71% majority will reduce ... that HMG advertising spend will hold steady this year and more and more families will make big decisions based on cash advantage than good morals or principles. And it's all in the Holy Bible ... predicted for these last days. A 'Beast' empire; a cashless one world currency [the 'mark of the beast']; the calling of good evil and vice versa; family units breaking down ["mothers against daughters"] et al. And this is besides the events that are happening presently or will happen soon centred on Israel.
The True Gospel must be preached while we are still allowed to do so [before it is declared illegal] and while there is still some light. The three [3] articles referred to really do herald some of the end-time 'signs of the times' that the Lord Yeshua predicted during the Olivet Discourse. Are we listening??? Let's not be overtaken by events when it all goes down.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 02-Jan-2009

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Hey Keith-

In the future, will you post a link to articles you are quoting in case someone wants to read them in their entirety. Just a suggestion.

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