Monday, 5 January 2009


Hello again folks! War is ugly. In any war women and children are unfortunately killed or injured. That goes without saying anything. The general populace of Israel are not revelling in what is going on in Gaza. It's a last resort. Israel is not trying to kill or injure civilians. Hamas is and was and will continue to do so unless stopped. That is why Israel has elected to go after Hamas ... not the Gazan people. Hamas uses the citizens of Gaza as human shields; hiding weapons besides and in Gazan homes. The same tactic that Hezbollah used in south Lebanon.
I have a question for you. If you lived in Strasbourg, Alsace, France and your country - over a period of two years has been hit by hundreds of rockets from the neighbouring state of Luxembourg, and some of your compatriots were killed or injured - would you, at some point, after much patience and 'peace talking'; take some action against Luxembourg to neutralize its ability to attack you? Of course you would ... and you would be justified.
The conflict in Gaza is two-sided. Just one death of an innocent woman or child on EITHER side is tragic. But there; as usual; seems to be a pro-palestinian; anti-Israeli bias evident in the reporting of events by the mass media. The picture above is of panic-stricken; shell-shocked Jewish children as a result of yet another rocket attack by Hamas. These are not Israeli military personnel; they are kids. Please look at this presentation called "Breaking Point" by
... and this interesting article from called "To Gaza, with love ...":-
You can either put your head in the sand; be outraged or be concerned. But don't take my word for it; check it out for yourself. Investigate the issues under your own steam. Personally, my biggest concern is that both Gaza and Israel need the Lord Jesus Christ as their True Saviour; Israel needs to embrace Messiah Yeshua ... and it will ... in time. Please pray for God to protect both Jewish and muslim women and children; for the 'shalom' peace of Jerusalem; and for the sovereign will of God to be done. What is prophesied in the good Book for the 'last days' or 'end times' is happening and will happen; just as the prophets have foretold under the unction of the Holy Spirit down the ages. God is truly in control; He desires all to attain True Salvation by means of the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We should pray and not faint at this time.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 05-Jan-2009

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