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Hello again folks! Can you believe that it is February tomorrow - already? This month has flown by. Such a lot has happened that is relevant to the last days and, in one sense, it's very exciting.
There's no doubt that many Christians love Jews and they love the State of Israel. And the number of Jews becoming 'messianic' True believers in Yeshua is indeed increasing. The New Testament [NT] scriptures talk of the Jewish people being 'blinded' to the reality of Jesus' claims of Messiahship. A famous example of this is the 'falling off of scales' from Rabbi Shaul of Tarsus' eyes when he met the Lord on the road to Damascus. Before that he was vehemently and diametrically opposed to the claims of Yeshua and the 'followers of the way'; and persecuted them cruelly. But after he met the Lord, he went on to become the author of a fair chunk of the NT.
But I think it would be true to say that in general that there is apparent in Jewry a residual distrust - not of Christians on a personal level per se - but of what is perceived to be 'Christianity'. Indeed, some Jews would rather deal with islam than the Christian bloc. It would also be true to say that in certain pockets of Israel; some messianic believers have a harder time with orthodox Jewry than muslim proponents.
But why? The answer is the lessons of their history on the last 2,000 years. Specifically three [3] events that raise their guards and dilute their trust. The Crusades, the Inquisition and the Holocaust:
  1. The Crusades were a Vatican [Roman Catholic] vehicle to grab control of trade routes and politically power in the temporal world as a reaction to the rapid and violent expansion of islam. Many muslims and unorthodox; pre-Reformation Christians were victims of the Crusades and it is perceived by Jews as well as muslims as a slaughter by 'Christianity'.
  2. The Inquisition was aimed at more of the anti-papacy elements inside Europe and any 'heretics' it could accuse. But [again] Jews suffered immensely under its genocidal evil.
  3. The Holocaust was essentially an extension into social nationalism of lutheran/protestant theology centred about the teachings of Martin Luther. On one hand Luther was indeed a 'hero' of the Reformation; and on the other he was the progenitor of Nazism. But he was a promoter of the hatred of Jews despite being the wedge than saved us all from the cult of Roman Catholicism.

My own extended family tree has been affected by the fruits of the Inquisition. Forced from Spain into Morocco by the Inquisition and then forced from Morocco to Israel by islam. It's good to see that good can come from evil [I recommend that you do a study of the life of Joseph!].

So besides bearing brunt of islams core tenets of Jewish extermination or dhimmihood; Jewry has also suffered because of religious 'Christianity' down the years. Many Germans in the lead up to; during and even after World War II still thought of themselves 'christian' rather than patriots. Hitler did and so did the Nazi ranks. The Crusaders thought and promoted themselves as 'christian' and the Vatican arrogantly assumed [and still does today] the mantle of 'Christianity' as the 'mother church' both during the Inquisition; the Reformation and beyond.

All of them were supposedly 'christian' .. that was the message to Jews in Europe and the Middle East; as we now call it. So more not a few generations; the Jews have been subject, not only to islamic attack [and they still are] - but also they have been sorely treated by agents under the guise of 'Christianity'.

But Jews [and gentiles too] who have encountered True Christianity either respect it or accept it. Authentic faith in Jesus and His teachings brings about a passion and genuine love for God's chosen people [and others]; a heart for mission but also an understanding of one having their own will and trusting God to do the talking ultimately.So this is why [in my view] Jews distrust what the world calls 'Christianity' [but is largely religious Babylon] and why we need to be informed and sensitive when supporting and reaching out to them. Personally, I love the Jewish people deeply - this is my gift from God - not of my own strength - for His purposes. And God loves muslims; atheists et al too. He is not willing that ANY perish but that ALL come to eternal life [II Peter 3:9].

God bless you and God bless Israel [and Jewish people] ... KJS ... 31-Jan-2009

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