Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Hello again folks! From time to time; I talk about current events; this blog and 'spiritual' issues [as the opportunities arrive] at work. One has to be careful but most of my colleagues know where I'm at and that I'm not one to compromise [except for a cup of coffee!]. I was talking about the Gaza situation [specifically the use of the Gazan population as human shields by Hamas] and what I've written about it on Heresy Watch this week. My colleague Craig showed me a portion of a book that he was reading at lunchtime. The book is entitled "The Peoples War" by Angus Calder [ISBN 0-7126-5284-1]. This is the text quoted to me about Winston Churchill:-
"His ancestor, [Lord] Marlborough, was one his cardinal heroes. As a young cavalry, in the disappointingly peaceful 1890's, he has gone out of his way to find danger - in Cuba, on the north-west frontier of India, and in the Sudan. As a reporter in the Boer War, he had embroiled himself in action, had been imprisoned, and had electrified the British press with the daring of his escape. Thrown from office in the First World War, he had gone to France as a major, and had served for a few months in the trenches. 'A jolly life with nice people,' he had said of that episode. But he had met with the realities of modern warfare. In "My Early Life" [1930], he complained that "War, which used to be cruel and magnificent, has now become cruel and squalid. In fact it has been completely spoilt. It is the fault of Democracy and Science ... Instead of a small number of well-trained professionals championing their country's cause with ancient weapons and a beautiful intricacy of archaic manoeuvre ... we now have entire populations, including even women and children, pitted against one another in brutish mutual extermination, and only a set of blear-eyed clerks left to add up the butcher's bill ... To Hell with it!"
I can't help but agree with his sentiment. In yesterdays blog; I said that war is ugly and that the death of women and children on either side was tragic. When he wrote the above words in 1930; World War II was still nearly a decade away and Hitler had only just began his assault on the Jewish people. Yet these words ring true about Gaza. Rockets fired randomly in the general direction of Israeli towns and cities. Rockets deliberately hidden in mosques, homes, alleys and garages that invite attack but also the threat of innocents being maimed or killed. Let's re-read those words again: "... we now have entire populations, including even women and children, pitted against one another ...". That was the face of war leading up to 1930 ... despite the countless conflicts since; the space age; the nuclear age et al ... the world is no better - in fact it is much worse.
Death is glorified in islam; not life. So the mix of islamic religious and political aims is even more dangerous and deadly to innocents than in 'normal' warfare. I wonder what Winston Churchill would be saying about Gaza now? I know this; the only solution to any conflict is the complete surrender of all our petty political; religious; sociological; financial and spiritual quarrels and our whole lives to God; to Messiah Yeshua; to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 'Nuff said.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 06-Jan-2009

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