Thursday, 12 February 2009


Hello again folks! I've just seen and heard an interview on 'BBC News 24' outside Parliament with Lord Pearson, the UKIP Peer who invited Geert Wilders [the maker of the film "Fitna"] to the House of Lords to show and debate his film.
I can only say "Bravo!" to this man, who displayed a good working knowledge of islam in the interview and, in my opinion, deserves a pat on the back for making a stand and bringing the important subject of islamic jihadic 'fundamentalism' and 'extremism' forward for national debate.
By the way; even if Mr. Wilders is not allowed to enter the UK; the film will still be shown anyway. Why not check out 'Fitna' for yourself or read my two [2] recent blogs on the subject? It's your freedom and it's your choice [at this moment in time]!
Otherwise those muslim protestors [see above] who stated: "Freedom Go To Hell" will have won another battle against the dar-el-harb ['the house of war'; the 'infidels' - or in other words - anyone who is not a muslim].
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 12-Feb-2009

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