Monday, 9 February 2009


Hello again folks! There are two important elections this year ... and that excludes the recent US presidential election. The first one is tomorrow [10th February] and the other is on Thursday 4th June 2009 [I will address that election in a future blog or two!]
The election being held tomorrow is in Israel. Following in the aftermath of the recent Gazan conflict and 30 months on from the second Lebanon War in 2006; this is a crucial poll not only in terms of the current public opinion on Israel's economy; security and military performance - it is very significant in terms of Bible prophecy.
The two main parties in the spotlight for this election are the Kadima party and the Likud party. Kadima is the creation and brainchild of Ariel Sharon and has formed the current government since the 2006 elections. The Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, will be super ceded by Tzipi Livni after the election. The Likud party is currently led by Benjamin Netanyahul; former PM and on something of a comeback. Kadima have focused on the economic benefits of its reign rather than its military campaigns. It is widely believed that Kadima, if successful, will part the land; Jerusalem and give away the Golan Heights. The main focus of the Likud campaign has been security and the future status of the Jewish state. Mr. Netanyahul said this recently on the campaign trail: "Jerusalem will not be divided again and ... the Golan will stay in our hands only if the Likud is victorious. If Kadima wins, we will leave the Golan." The Likud party has been courted by evangelical, Zionist Christian groups because of that stance.
The results of tomorrows election may surprise us and will give a clue to how close we are to the beginning of the Tribulation. Kadima is the favoured party of the NWO elite ... primarily because they will go along with the plan of the quartet [and others] to appease the muslim bloc and the corporate oil giants agenda whereas Netanyahul, riding the nationalist/Zionist ticket, will not be deceived by the wiles and goals of islamic expansionism and appears to be the 'safe hands' that most Israelis are looking for to protect the nations borders and maintain its integrity. The race is close; with Kadima closing the gap on Likud and latest polls suggesting that 20% of the electorate are 'undecided'.
If Kadima win, and it would be for me a major surprise, I believe the Tribulation hour is very close as it will be the platform for 'peace' talks with their enemies. If Likud win ... it will appear that time would have been bought ... unless Netanyahul does a 'U turn' [not unlike some of his predecessors]. You just never know ... the machinery of world government and the behind-the-scenes political manoevering is far more insidious and complex than, I suggest, many of us even realize. So watch the news folks ... check it out for yourselves and do not be deceived. And pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the voting public of Israel at this major crossroads in history.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 09-Feb-2009

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