Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hello again folks! Welcome to February 2009. An interesting time of the year for me! 'Groundhog Day' was on the 2nd [as always]; and tomorrow [the 5th]would have been the 17th birthday of my son Adam Gregory; plus next Thursday [the 12th] is the funeral of Sir Charles Davis; a great man and a great uncle.
Last Sunday, I finally got around to watching the classic movie "Schindlers List" in its entirety. I was so very moved ... again ... as when I saw the movie "Defiance" last month [twice!]. The end of the film really touched me when all the surviving Schindlerjuden [at that time] were filmed visiting Oskar Schindler's grave; paying their respects. The other highly charged, emotional scene for me [and there are so many in this wonderful film] was also near the end when Mr. Schindler apologized for wasting his resources and not saving more Jews.
To top it all; when I consider that I visited this man's grave myself last May; I realized just how privileged and blessed I was to not only visit Israel; Jerusalem et al ... but also I really regret not watching "Schindlers List" BEFORE I went out there. It would have been on the same level as that feeling of 'oneness' I had when I visited the Wailing Wall. You know folks; sometimes you don't know what you've got until its gone or what you've done until after the afterglow has faded away.
It's no coincidence [in my opinion] that bothe Oskar Schindler and the Bielski brothers saved 1,200 Jews in both of their life stories. For that reason alone; I think it a good thing to get hold of a copy of the DVD of "Schindlers List" and [when it is released later this year] "Defiance". With the rise in antisemitism; anti-Israeliism and Holocaust denial both here in the UK and in Europe[not just in Iran or the Vatican]; we should take the opportunity to utilize our present freedoms we have to avail ourselves of recent history before it is re-written. Forewarned is forearmed my friends! Watchmen should stick to blowing their shofars.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... KJS ... 04-Feb-2009

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