Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Hello again folks! This is my fourth CAHM blog! I have now received a reply from Eric Troyer of The Orchestra and ELO Part II regarding the inspiration behind his classic 1990 composition "Honest Men" - the subject of three [3] previous blogs. My question was:
"I’ve always rated your composition “Honest Men”. And I would love to hear it
live again. Could you tell me what was your inspiration; what was the driver
behind this track?"
Eric's answer on 16-May-2009 was this:
"The inspiration was that there’s too much corruption and dishonesty in our public figures … even the honest ones still bend the rules …look at your latest scandal in the UK, all the MP’s, not just one party, all of them, seem to have been taking a bit too much from the public funds … it’s outrageous … especially in these difficult times …doesn’t do much to add to the public confidence in government … but that’s what the song was about … and I was thinking about it when our elections were coming around … I think Obama was a breath of fresh air in government, and he’s now having to bend his ideals to the realities of governing ... I still think he’s a game changing leader …" []
Everyone has a right to their own opinion about President Barack Hussein Obama ... he certainly is "game changing" - that's for sure - whether that is for the better remains to be seen. A change is not always for the better - change for changes sake isn't the best motive or mandate; in my humble opinion.
As to when this song was written in 1990; the issues that Eric wrote about in "Honest Men" then are still more than relevant here in 2009 - nearly two [2] decades later! Not just regarding our government[s] ... but also the hidden; the secret government[s] that exist above the 'public' government[s] me thinx. Once again; Thank you Eric!
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 27-May-2009

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