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Hello again folks! Just when you thought that the 'church' of England couldn't - they did. I've written not a few blogs on the subject and it's because I dislike the institution - not the people in it [rather like I love muslim/roman catholic people but I critique islam/roman catholicism heavily]. It isn't easy to write what I'm writing tonight. Praise God! There is a remnant of True; born-again believers in the CoE - I'm sure. But as with those entwined in the roman catholic cult of mariolatry; they need to get out of Babylon. And this article is the latest reason that I write these words:
It literally brings tears to my eyes in writing this blog today. I started my Christian life in the CoE as a 16 year old in 1984. Any True church [the greek word 'ekklesia' that is translated 'church' sometimes means 'called out ones'] is a NOT socio-political organization. Its main priority should always be the preaching of the True Gospel and the discipling of baby believers into mature ones so that they can go bear fruit that endures.
But yet again we see fresh evidence of the true spiritual state of the CoE. They are now calling on not only their own 'members' but the general populace to NOT vote for the BNP. When a church ceases to live and out and preach the whole counsel of God; they have to replace sound doctrine and the counsel of the Holy Spirit with something else. The CoE is now venturing into the socio-political arena because it has lost its foundation and its first love.
The BNP is a legal; bona fide political party here in the UK and, yes, it does have some unsavoury elements. As do the other 'main' parties [a la the latest expenses scandal]. It is a nationalist but xenophobist party. It is wrong on some issues but right on one or two others; such as warning on the islamification of Europe. And folks [whether they are in the CoE or not] have the right to exercise their free will and the freedom to vote as they will without being told who they can or cannot vote for by state allied religious institutions. As I've said before; if you are a freedom loving inclusive nationalist who wants out of the EU - you can do no worse than vote for UKIP. That is my personal opinion. But you must always check things out for yourselves in all things and decide for yourselves who to vote for using your God-given intelligence and conscience.
I hate to admit it; but I agree with Nick Clegg [for once] when he said that the church should stay out of politics. It says something when the British Humanist Association [which denies the existence of God and promotes the false theory of evolution] backs the CoE in speaking out against an 'unchristian' party! The BNP said this: "The archbishops were trying to make themselves relevant in the modern world" ... and they were right.
The CoE is indeed trying to intervene in this temporal; satan-inspired world system instead of doing what it should be doing: compelling folks into the Kingdom that is not of this world and keeping them there. The CoE and its bishopry are seemingly more united against the BNP than they ever were on the subject of homosexuality or women clergy. The proof is in the pudding. It is full of career 'christians and/or 'churchians'.
I call it Churchianity because it certainly ain't True Christianity. Wrong doctrine leads to wrong conduct. All the time. The CoE is not alone in this. Think on the politics of Northern Ireland. We had the 'protestant community' lined up with the UUP and DUP on one hand; and Sinn Fein always with the silent support of the Roman Catholic hierarchy on the other hand. The same happened with Solidarity [Solidarnosc] in Poland and its Vatican ally against the Soviet backed; communist government. It was a kind of religio-political-socio battle by proxy. Yes; Dr. Ian Paisley is/was an excellent preacher and I like the man. But his image is always tainted with his political rantings - even if he was right. The public perceive these things remarkably well and have a long memory too. I still remember his 'Spitting Image' puppet! Do you?
And so it is with the CoE. Ask anyone on the street what he/she thinks of the CoE and they will see it as a national institution; the provider of christenings; baptisms; weddings and funerals and the odd service for Easter; Christmas and Harvest festivals. In other words: the business of Hatch; Match & Despatch Inc. In post-Christian Britain; it has lost - in most cases - its relevance. And it pains me to say it.
Another example: I have a DVD of an evolution debate held in 2006 at Liverpool Cathedral between an Australian True believer, evangelist and [creationist] scientist named John Mackay and the Reverend Dr. John Polkinghorne, a physicist and Anglican. One gentleman stood on the Word and was both graceful and straight to the point [as all Aussies are - I love 'em!] regarding the literal; biblical account of creation and the Noahic Flood and the other gentleman was a pleasant kind of fellow who quoted something called the 'book of nature' more than the Bible in his thesis. In compromising and 'appealing to reason'; he sided with the so-called wisdom of man versus the written counsel of God. It was a classic example of all that is wrong with state religion versus the real deal.
One of the reasons that the Lord Jesus Christ came down to the world was to do way with state religion. Before He came; we needed priests - now are are priests and He is the Great High Priest. Before He came; we would have had to attend the Temple at least three [3] times a year - now we ARE the temple of the Holy Ghost. Before He came; 'innocent' bullocks; lambs et al were sacrificed and their blood [temporarily] atoned for our sins - now ONCE and for ALL; His innocent blood covers our sins [past; present and future]. The list goes on. Today; we need apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers like never before [Ephesians 4:11]! We need True fellowship not religious rites of passage. Jacob Prasch said this once [paraphrased]: "I've met True Christians all over the world; but I've only seen True Christianity when the Church is poor and persecuted". We need True Christianity not false Churchianity. So be Bereans; watchmen must warn; evangelists must compel! Thank you for reading this message folks.
God bless you and God bless Israel ... Keith J Sinclair ... 26-May-2009

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